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Custom poster prints?

Asked by fortris (680points) May 25th, 2009

I want to make a poster of a graphic I created in 24“x36” format but the original place I was going to order from didn’t accept the image when I tried to upload it. It just stops downloading the picture after 30 seconds. It isn’t the file size, and I was able to upload another version of the image a couple days ago, but now it doesn’t work. Where can I order a custom 24“x36” poster for $10 or under?

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Try photobox? It’s what I use :)

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Are you sure the image itself is in the right format? Does the place you were getting it done require the images to be in jpeg format rather than psd or something else? Are you using a flash drive to transfer the image, or are you sending it in an email? Are you putting the image into a different operating system, like from a mac to a pc? All of these things could be a factor in why it is not working.
I’ve gotten prints done at both Staples and Walmart and was very pleased with the results, depending on the size of the print and the paper or card stock you choose, it usually isn’t that expensive.

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@veronasgirl How much are those prints? And how big are they availible?

@veronasgirl Yes, it is in the right format.

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Here is the link to Walmart’s printing site, it will give you all the info you need.

As for Staples I was only getting 11 X 15 prints done, I had five of them done on card stock and it cost me under fifteen dollars, I believe.

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