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What is the best way to attract the opposite sex?

Asked by TheTips2 (61points) May 25th, 2009

I’m a man looking for the best way to attract a women. Don’t worry I’m not having any problems, I just want to know the best and easiest way to attract them.

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i find whacking them over the head with a large stick, and then dragging them back to my cave works wonders.

or give her $500 for the “complete package”.

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Pretend to be gay, they will love you.

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Flash copious amounts of cash everywhere…if you don’t get mugged, you should find a rather large group of the opposite sex competing for your attention (not that there is any quality people in this cast of characters, but you didn’t specify same)

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Pay attention to them.

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i find having a huge unit really helps. my apartment is huge.

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Depends on the type of girl you want to attract.

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If you’re a collar-poppin’, sideways baseball cap wearin’ hollister “dude” – try getting one liquored up, then dry humping her in the back of your Z. i hear that’s a popular approach. Just don’t spray any Axe in her eyes.

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Make them laugh.

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@eponymoushipster I had a friend with a Z. Well, not a friend, a colleague. Anyway, he told us that he’d drive down South Street in his Z and the chicks would come flocking, asking for rides.

It was kind of ironic that when he decided he wanted to settle down with one woman, he had a hell of a time. The relationship thing seemed to baffle him. He was always asking for advice. I think he eventually did get married and has kids, but if so, I’m sure the Z has long since bit the dust.

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don’t ask for or take any advice. (too late on the ask part)
seriously, be yourself. you have all the answers you need to attract the right woman for you—not for me—not for anyone else responding here—for you. have confidence in the best of yourself and strut it.

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It seems as though @eponymoushipster is on a roll.

Just follow what he says, he’s a wise man.

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Mink oil. Rub yourself down with mink oil. You’ll smell like a glazed doughnut and send off ‘hey, I’d like to be eaten’ messages.

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mink oil? that sounds like an expensive and nasty tasting doughnut

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Be yourself. Or at least be the funniest, kindest, smartest, most considerate and interesting version of yourself.

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Just be yourself, be honest and sincere, and take your time in finding the person that is going to be the best and most compatible for you.

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@eponymoushipster side-ways baseball cap warein is ghetto
Collar poppin + hollister dude is some gay preppy kid.

I don’t think that mixes.

Anyone could have a Z though. All for bringin her to the Z. Tuff!!!

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Look them in the eyes and smile so they have no doubt you like what you see.

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Yeah just drop smiles at them and don’t act like a player

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Have fun, be fun, be kind, be genuine.

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Move abroad where you will instantly become something rare and therefore sought after and all you will need to do is say ‘hi’ and girls will swarm for you…believe me it is 100% guaranteed especially when your in continental Europe.

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@FukYou ah yes, tis ghetto but ohsopopular. i reckon this young man has it down. “bring her to the Z” indeed. <commences slow clap>

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The #1 way is to be yourself. Women appreciate honesty and sincerity.

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Let your disco stick hang out!
(only if its big-they like ‘em big)
(or if its small-they’ll think it’s cute)

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Buy a puppy; put it in the passenger seat of your cat; choose a warm day; keep your windows partially open. Drive in an area with many traffic lights. Go below the speed limit.

(Idea stolen from Car Talk.)

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@gailcalled ; I wonder what would happen with a puppy and the pasanger seat of a CAT?

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Oops. You see where my preoccupation lies. Thanks for noticing.

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Do nothing, work hard. Become rich. You will have more then you willl know what to do with.

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The “be yourself” advice is good, if you’re not a jerk. If you are, be someone else.

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Pay them.

we all do, in one way or another

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@Blondesjon We both had the word “pay” in our posts. What’s up with that? You look good in that hat by the way. ;)

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@jonsblond You two are on the same wavelength, in differernt ways.

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@chyna You are right! I am a lucky gal.

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@blondsjon Your hat strategically dipped below one eye Your scarf it was apricot…

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Live a full life. A person is always a lot more attractive when they have lots of things they are excited about happening in their life. (not in an overwhelming way)

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You could always try “Animal magnetism”. See here
Lots of people claim to have that sort of attraction.

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