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What's the best way to reset body clock?

Asked by Knutty (51points) May 25th, 2009 from iPhone

I appear to of become nocturnal – not an insomniac (yet) but rarely able to get to sleep before 4am (currently 04:28am) I get up same time every morning (09:30) but it’s starting to catch up with me. I’m eating ok, I don’t have music, tv or distractions when I go to bed (approx midnight) – just lie there – usually getting anxious as I can’t sleep. Doesn’t seem to matter whether I’ve been sitting in sofa all day or playing sports all day…
Any tips greatly welcomed.

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I would totally get away from anything electronic for a few weeks. Get up earlier and get outside, or walk the dog,,some physical activity, and some exercise a t a gym, maybe, during the day. Sunshine will do its work a for you. Then after a busy day in the outdoors, you will sleep like a baby, I hope.

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Poke a paperclip into the reset hole….wtf

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sorry…had a couple beers and feeling goofy…wtf

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I once did some research into changing my night owl ways and it involves the use of exposure to a lightbox at specific times combined with sticking to a very structured regimen of bedtimes and waking up at set times which gradually get shifted to a more “normal” schedule.

I decided it wasn’t worth the hassle.

But if you want to pursue it, it would be best to go to a sleep specialist who can rule out ant other causes or problems.

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I just read some of the other replies made while typing and the person who suggested poking the reset button is not that far off the mark. Just substitute lightboxes for paper clip and that’s basically it.

The reason I decided it was too much hassle for me is because I had been nocturnal all my life even as a child.

Yours seems to be of more recent origin so there is probably hope for you.

Are there any places in your area with sleep labs where they study this? Perhaps you could volunteer for a study and get help free of charge.

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i travel a lot so this is usually how i deal with it.

stay awake for 24 hours until you’re exhausted, then just sleep at the normal time, wherever you are. your clock should be ‘reset’ by the time you wake up

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jackfright go it right.

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Your circadian rhythms (internal day/night clock) are determined by your exposure to light. Notice when you go camping, that you get sleepy when it gets dark and rise when it gets light with much greater ease? Normally there is little to no need for an alarm.

People who stay indoors, get limited exposure to real sunlight, and trick their bodies with fake lights (neon overheads, computer monitors, etc) in a haphazard way late into the night (ei. not purposefully with light boxes like @buttonstc suggests) and tend to have screwy circadian rhythms that lead to difficulty sleeping at normal hours.

First, see if you can get softer light bulbs for your lamps and lights in your home. Set a time for yourself to sleep. Let’s say it’s 10pm. At around 8:30–9pm, turn off the TV and computer monitor. Effectively dim the lights in your home. Use your remaining time preparing for bed. Pick your clothes for the next day, get your bedroom tidy, rub your feet, do what you need to do to rest well. A hot shower can sometimes relax tense musculature that may be tricking your body into carrying a “fight or flight” preparedness into bed with you.

Also, avoid napping mid-day until you’ve established a regular sleeping time that you can stick to. Stop drinking caffeine or high-sugar drinks about 6 hours before bedtime.

The trick I’ve used to help me fall asleep, once there, is to picture internally what it feels like to be dreaming. I try to recreate that feeling sensation as I lie in bed.

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Every week I go from working a 3pm-11pm to 4am-11am and the easiest way I have found to cope is: drink until you fall asleep at the time you wish to sleep. This take me about 2 hours usually.

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3 day coke binge…. not healthy, but it works

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Start drinking chamomile tea…go lie down at the park for 20 min to heal body more often. Walk, dance…incense the house and open windows to clear energy.
Don’t be on the computer past 11:30 pm for ie….it does send energy that effects sleep.
Make sure you’re eating well.
I am a night owl, but there are factors that can keep you up later than needed, especially the computer I find.
I do Intuitive Healings for people.

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