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How can I gain weight?

Asked by FreddieMack (94points) May 25th, 2009

I have taken protein drinks, ate 4000 calories in a day, and took weight gainer milkshakes and I did not gain a pount. Is there anything else i can do? I plan on working out over he summer and taking the same protein and weight gainer shakes. Hopefully it will help but if it doesn’t what should I do?

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Eat less than 3 times a day trust me

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Aside from switch metabolisms with me… Have you spoken with your doctor about if you may have a thyroid issue? How old are you? If you have a naturally fast metabolism, mixed with being an active, growing guy, you just might be naturally thin.

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I am 20 years old. I will be 21 in October. I am not really active. I work everyday but I do not workout yet. I plan to this summer.

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I gained weight by not eating how I was supposed to I wasn’t dieting or anything I just didn’t get hungry and I went to a place to lose weight and the doctor told me I was gaining weight by not eating and my metabolism was low so I had to eat 4 times a day to loose the weight I had gained and I even lost 20 pounds (not all of them were the ones I gained just 5 were)

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You lucky fuck, you get to do the oposite diet of everyone else. Just eat a shit ton and DONT exercise. Make sure to supliment with a lot of beer, as this will help to supply the calories you need.

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Eat like I do… But seriously, you aren’t some special specimen. Weight train while eating plenty of protein and be happy you metabolize food the way you do while you’re young. Don’t worry bout it.

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Do what I’m doing. Grab a box of swiss rolls and chow down.

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I always gain weight when I get really drunk with my friends. Just don’t get so drunk you throw up! That would defeat the purpose…

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Have patience. I tried for years to gain weight and only hit 100lbs once I was in my mid 20’s and I’m a woman, should’ve been easier but it wasn’t. Keep in mind this, you are growing fat cells with all your efforts and one day… they will wake up, turn on you and make you afraid. hee hee hee. Really though, don’t push it so much, there’s a reason your body is doing what it is and aside from a medical condition, let it be.

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Just be careful with all that protein and alcohol. You could end up with gout.

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You might be interested in this article about hard gainers.

Also, don’t drink alcohol to help yourself gain weight. Talk about 1 step forward to take 2 steps back.


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your doctor can prescribe you some pills to gain weight. i knew a few people who had been taking doctor subscribed pills for wait gain, but are you sure you really wanna do that? because when you start getting older some people naturally start putting on pounds. i use to be very skinny coming up, so i started drinking ENSURE shakes regularly around my early twenties and stopped. by time i turned 28 i started gaining weight naturally. I guess by my metabolism slowing down. i wasnt satisfied and kept drinking the shakes and i started deveoloping cellulite, gas, and fat in unwanted places like love handles and double chins. the gas is gone, but the weight is hard to get off. sometimes i’d wish i’d never rushed my bodys natural abillity to gain weight and i’d really only recommend to someone who’s terminally ill and losing weight to take the weight gain supplements.

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I gained 20 kg (around 40 lbs) from doing a workout and diet program from a book called The Testosterone Advantage Plan by Lou Schuler.

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Seriously, have your thyroid checked.

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My friend had success with this book, although he said the eating got a little ridiculous.

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I hate you for asking that question. I eat a cheeseburger and gain 20 pounds. My friends are the same way, we eat the same shit and I’m the one that gets fatter….but on another note, maybe you should talk to a nutritionist or something.

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In my family, the men don’t start gaining weight until they’re 35 years old. Maybe it’s genetics.

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