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I need help. When I moved I left my best friend behind and I haven't talked to her since, what should I do?

Asked by Tink (8668points) May 25th, 2009 from iPhone
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I’ve tried that but I think their number changed

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Talk to her. They will probably be happy to hear from you. I assume you worry that they will be pissed. But I doubt they will. I was just in the same situation and he was happy to hear from me.

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Well it’s been more than a year and she didnt call me for my birthday

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Oh.. If you don’t know how to get ahold of her that is different.

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But I think I should go to her house which is kind of far but it will be worth it I hope she hasn’t forgotten about me

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Email? Write a letter, post it? Or just make a new friend. What’s the real problem here, had you done something wrong?

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If you still know any of her friends back home, look for them online if you don’t have their contact info.

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If you can go I would. I would bet my cat that she hasn’t forgotten about you.

And I love my cat.

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@Bobbydavid- I didn’t do anything wrong Im not good at making friends because I don’t talk alot only with the people I do know and I’m in high school and everyone has a best friend already.
@the compassionate heretic- Does she have to have a facebook for me to do that?
@johnpowell- I think I will

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Do you have old neighbours who could contact her for you?
Or, write to her via her school. Simples!

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How about mailing a card? “Thinking of you.” Add a nice note about how you’ve missed her and say “Give me a call?” and include your number.

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Thanks guys I like the card idea but I don’t know what school she goes to now ;(

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