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Why is the rental agency im renting my house from trying to charge $150 extra on rent for PETS?

Asked by fedupwitcaddys (417points) May 26th, 2009

i have a cat that i love dearly. A big fluffy clean persian cat to be exact, and the rental agency charges $150 extra a month for rent for pets. now i mind you i have a clean house and my cat is clean and well trained to go to its litter box. So why would a cat be a problem? she isnt even an outdoor cat. Now i could probably understand a dog because it seems as if the previous tenants kept a dog and i can see where there were holes dug up in the back yard and old poop off in the corner of the back yard. I just cant see where a cat can be any kind of threat. i need help on this because im tired of hiding my cat everytime the landlord comes around.

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I think landlords do it because they can. I always tried to negotiate a higher security deposit so that they would be covered in case my animals did any damage. That seems to me much more fair than charging extra monthly rent.

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If that’s what they want per month, move. That’s a ridiculous rip off.

I’ve heard of 150–200 DEPOSITS… Which are fair because they generally have to by law replace carpeting (not to mention repair any other pet induced damage) once you move out… Some areas require the carpet be changed in case the next tenant is allergic.

But 150 per month, is completely outrageous. The MOST i’ve paid, for even a dog and 2 cats (and the dog was a Husky)... was 40 a month. (and I’ve lived in 4 locations)

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because you’re in America, where everyone will take your last shirt with a smile…

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If they got burned badly by the damage from the previous tenants’ animal(s) asyou mentioned they may be overreacting because that’s just a ridiculous amount.

However, if you do some research on the policies of similar places in your neighborhood and turn approach them about wanting to get a cat perhaps the lease can be re-negotiated. If you offer them a fair amt. for a deposit it shows them that you are taking their concerns seriously.

If they absolutely insist upon that ridiculous amt. then you would do well to start looking for more reasonable situations and prepare to move.

It would be better to do this when you still have as much time as you need to do it on your terms. I think it’s inevitable that sooner or later they will discover your cat. When they do you would then be under the gun to either find another place or give up your cat (which I fervently hope you would never consider.)

If the terms are your rental are not renegotiated before they discover the cat they would be totally within their rights to evict you. Better to deal with it beforehand for your cat’s sake and your own peace of mind.

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Mainly they’re doing it because they can do it, because most people are willing to pay that extra amount, and they really like money.

Usually landlords are justified in adding a small extra cost to offset the damage the animal may do to the premise or the surrounding location. But the amount they’re trying to charge here is way too much.

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As a landlord, I charge an extra $100 security deposit and for a cat an extra $10/month, Dog’s $25. since they can destroy more.

If after a year in the house I don’t see excessive damage, even less in 2 cases in the past, I do away with the pet rent. IF you’ve paid on time, I don’t smell them, etc…...

I have asked for more, and then met the animal and reduced the fee based on the age of the pet and such…...

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@Skippy :)

My current landlord did not charge us a security deposit for our 5 cats. Most cat people know that cats do not cause a lot of damage. My 5 cats are cleaner than my 2 college roommates. They were gross. Landlords might consider charging college students a security deposit. Just gross I tell ya.

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@tinyfaery You’re speaking to my soul right there, lol…. I’m a college student, and while I make no claim of being a beacon of cleanliness, I keep a certain level of clean. In 4 years of living with room mates off campus, I’ve had maybe 2 room mates that I would live with again (out of probably 10). It’s ridiculous, dishes, crap around the house, guests….. I lose my mind sometimes.

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Are you sure it’s $150/month? I wouldn’t live at a place like that. Possibly if there was a deposit them a monthly fee of 10–15 would be fine.
They do it so they can cover the damages that pets can sometimes leave behind. Usually if it’s carpeted, they want to use that money to get a new carpet.
I know our one cat who has claws clawed at the window sills. We’re going to have to spackle them to fix them..such a pain.

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Yikes! That is too high. I’ve heard of $100 or so down and up to $30 a month – for carpet replacement and clean-up fees. (dander from the animal) However, $150 a month, so not worth it!

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Because animals mess up the property. Cats vomit, shed, and miss the literbox.

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