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Tattooed flutherites: What do you say to people when they say 'well, aren't you going to regret that later'?

Asked by bezdomnaya (1435points) May 26th, 2009

I have a couple of comments that I go with ranging from sincere to sarcastic. What do you like to say?

Also, I heart fluther tattoo questions. There seems to be a ton of people on this site that are tattooed. Or perhaps we’re just more opinionated?

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I say “no”. Are you regretting my tattoo now?

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I pause, suddenly laugh at them in crazed manner with wide eyes, then abruptly turn about face and walk away.

Never again will they bitch at me; they think I’m a loony.

yes, we are opinionated. we wouldn’t be human if we weren’t!

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@NaturalMineralWater As in, am I regretting your tattoo? Very much no. Or is that what you say to others? Sorry to be so confused :)

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I laugh at them and point to their wedding ring. I have absolutely no stats to back this up, but I would say there are more divorces or regrets caused by marriage than there are people who are upset at their tattoos after X years.

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I’ve never had anyone ask me that question. My tattoos are in easily concealed places, and where I work tattoos are the norm.

If someone were to say that to me, I’d respond that it’s really none of their business.

And if they were really rude about it, I’d see to it that they regretted the question, now instead of later. <evil chuckle>

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I tell them that all of my tattoos singify something special for me, and remind me of something special, then if they persist I might make a snide remark back…

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I like my tattoo. It’s also in an easily hidden place. If anyone did ask, I’d say, “I like my tattoo!” And if they persisted, I’d say “It’s not my business what you think of how I adorn my body.”

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Mine are tasteful. They barey childrens names and they will NEVER be regretted.

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So anyone who questions them are told simply to fuck off!

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I’ve never had anyone say that to me.

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Then just tell them “If I knew the future, I’d tell you”. You just need to then walk away from such people. I know it can get annoying :)

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I have two easily hidden tattoos on my back. I love both of them. I plan on getting more. In fact, I plan on eventually having my entire back done (but still keep it hidden for future career purposes). I have one friend who, every time I mention tattoo ideas (which is not often), she gets this condescending look on her face, and more than asking me if I’ll regret it, says ‘are you sure you won’t regret that?’ like I should know what the obvious answer is. I love her, but this is really frustrating.

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What they usually see is the top of my tattoo shown in my avatar – if they get to see all of it they almost never tell me that phrase because they know they’d never have the nerve to get anything that big and whether or not they hate it or love it, it’s a tremendous piece of work and obviously if it’s covering my entire back, I didn’t just do this on a whim during a trip to San Francisco (though I have a tattoo of that nature as well and I love it…it’s my only ‘traditional’ tat of all the ones I have)...

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I don’t have a tattoo, but I want this strange little cloud with lightning bolts for arms (I’m weird). When I first started talking about getting it, my friends would ask me if I would regret it when I was 85 years old. My response: If that’s my biggest worry when I’m 85, I’ve lived a pretty good life.

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@Les – You got that right!

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What I choose to do to my body is none of their goddamn business, but to be fair, and cordial, my usual response to the non-tattooed folks is this one:

“Unlike the religious folks that vehemently assume I must follow their particular religion; I, as a tattooed person, do not care one way or the other whether anyone else likes or approves of my tattoos. Tattooed people in general don’t care if other people are tattooed or not.”

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Only my mom.

And I told her that even if I do, oh well. What’s done is done. So far, no regrets.

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When I got my tattoo, you would have thought I told some of my friends that I was going to hack off all my limbs. They acted sorry for me and like I was making the kind of decision that would ruin my life. I simply told them that there are other decisions I’ve made that affect my life more and leave no physical marks. none of them are ever convinced, but as this speech is usually quite long winded, they tend to leave me alone just so I’ll shut up.

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I’ve gotten comments about mine, especially since I was very young when I got my first. I admit that I wish I had something different, but I’d never laser anything off, and I don’t give a crap what my tattoos look like when I’m older.
I just tell them, No I love my tattoos they are all special to me. I also tell them that it’s pretty rude to say that to me or anyone.

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I just tell them maybe, smile and move on with the conversation. That way, it’s a smooth transition and nobody gets their feelings hurt. It’s the same deal with my piercings too.

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I laugh. I can’t help but to laugh. I wasn’t drunk when I got it, I thought it over for a very long time. I realized that I would have it there forever, went over ever scenario possible in my head, and NO I don’t regret it. It’s quite funny actually, because they’re quietly judging you, as if it was their own body, do you know what I mean? Depending who it is, I might make them feel like an ass for asking, because obviously if I was going to regret it, and I wouldn’t have gotten it done.

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I was standing in line at the breakfast taco truck the other day, and the guy after me had these cool tattoos on his arms. I told him I like his tattoos, and he replied by telling me he regretted them. I asked why, and he said “you’re not the same person at 26 as you were at 17.” I think he wishes they were, at least, somewhere else on his body.

There are a lot of people who try to remove tattoos when they get older. It’s hard to know if you will be a person who proudly wears theirs all your life, or who wishes they didn’t do it.

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@daloon Mmmm, breakfast tacos…

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@bezdomnaya It’s amazing, they started showing up at the farmer’s market a month ago, and I’m totally addicted! We’ve never had this kind of thing in Philly before. At least, not in my neighborhood.

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I first considered getting a white ink tattoo because i didnt want to worry about regretting it down the road. They’re easily concealable and will fade quickly if exposed to sun for a long time. Then i actually looked at some white ink tattoos and fell in love with them lol.

So 3 weeks ago I got my first tattoo, (gotta get a touch up this week) but i definitely will not be regretting this

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Oh wow! +100 on the awesomeness that is your tat, uber.

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I’m in awe.

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thanks guys :)

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Well just picture this. In another 30–40 years there are going to be alot of 60–70 year old grandmas with tramp stamps on their lower back. What an image.

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I’m 32 now and still getting tattoos. Thankfully they don’t suck, and I don’t regret them. They are a part of me, they are part of who I am, they are something I can’t see myself without. I usually just tell people when I’m old I probably will have higher concerns like hip replacements and trying not to piss my pants. I love when girls make comments and I can guarantee their skin will look 100 times worse than mine when all that tanning catches up with them.
@uberbatman I love your tattoo! Great quality, perfect size and placement.

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Mine’s not as great as @uberbatman but I still love it.

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@chelseababyy I have stars in the same spot, mine stop near my boob though, and they alternate solid and outline. Yay us! (and the million other girls that have stars LOL)
One of these days I have to get pictures up.

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@elijah I wanted that tattoo FOREVER. Everyone was always like, OMG STARS ARE SO CLICHE. Well you know what? I don’t care, it’s what I want and what makes me happy, ya know? I’m not doing it to please others, I’m doing it for myself. Screw what they think.

And yay! I wanna see yours! My goes from below my hip all the way to my shoulder.

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@chelseababyy My shoulders were already taken haha. Yours are way more involved, I only have four. Yours looks really good :)

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Thank you! I’m gonna get a few more, hopefully soon. I want a heart locket on my forearm, and a skeleton key with wings next to it, and in the locket it’s gonna say Amor Est Vitae Essentia.

Love is the essence of life. :D
What else do you have?

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ill post another pic in a couple weeks after i get the touch-up and it heals :)

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“are you sure you won’t regret that?”


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@chelseababyy: I have a koi and it’s pretty well up there on the cliched line. I don’t care either! You should be proud of your tat, it’s beautiful. Also, props for the ribs. That musta hurt!

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@KatawaGrey True that. Do what makes YOU happy. Ya know? And funny thing, the tattoo artist was skeptical because it was my first tat and the ribs are always super tender, but actually, my back, hip and shoulder blade hurt way way way worse than my ribs. Crazy right? I do have a super high pain tolerance though.

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Both of my tattoos mean something to me, so no, I won’t regret them.

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I really didnt think my tattoo hurt much at all. The shading was annoying, but really not bad. I think the itching is by far the worst part of the whole process. Ill take pain any day, but itching is just annoying as hell.

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@KatawaGrey Your koi is so badass.

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I am heavily tattooed. People usually ask me ” what are you gonna do when you get old with all those tattoos?” Simple. I am gonna be old with tattoos. At that point if I am really old. Who cares. I think it’s cool when older people have tattoos. They generally have a awesome story to go along with it.

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@chelseababyy: Thanks! I could not have been happier with how it turned out. If one of my friends is looking for a tattoo artist, all I have to do is show them my tat and they are sold. I got a little done on the ribs and I thought I was going to die! If it doesn’t hurt you, that’s great! I love rib tattoos, I think it’s a great spot for them. :)

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@uberbatman Yeah, I think the itching is the worst. I usually stand in the shower and let the water run over it for a good 10 minutes.

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I don’t think I actually register the standard questions people think should deter you from getting tattooed. I knew them all before I was tattooed and I don’t feel any differently about those questions anymore. But I have had people make rude comments regarding my tattoos to other people as if I couldn’t hear them at a distance of two feet. Honestly, the level of rudeness some people show when it comes to tattoos always gobsmacks me. It shocks me so much that someone would be so rude I just lose the ability to react.

When else do people ever feel justified in coming up to total strangers and telling them that they think they’re ugly? What is wrong with these people?

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Kept meaning to post a picture of my finished octopus but kept forgetting. Anywho, here it is

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@uberbatman It really is amazingly beautiful.

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you guys have some really awesome tattoos

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now looking at it, i realize that picture looks like ass. Here’s a better one

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nobody likes a show off

El_Cadejo's avatar

i hated that other picture. My arm looks yellow lol

besides your just jealous :P

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@uberbatman still love ittttttttttt

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@KatawaGrey, your koi is gorgeous. (It looks painted on.)

I’d love to get a tattoo or two, but unfortunately, it’s not just ‘people’ who shake their heads and ask about regrets—it’s my entire family.

I think I’ll wait until I’m a little less involved with my family before doing something…or I’ll get something they’ll never see. :) (I tend to not wear short/tight anything, so that wouldn’t be too big an issue.)

Yep, as far as I know, noone in my family has a tattoo. Except my stepbrother.

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