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Are there disguised CIA homeless people in Washington, D.C.?

Asked by jfos (7362points) May 26th, 2009

I remember hearing that a certain percentage of Washington, D.C.‘s homeless population is actually CIA/Security personnel disguised as homeless people. Can anyone validate this? Has anyone else ever heard this?

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I mean it wouldn’t shock me, but it seems a bit of a massive waste of resources for such little gain. I could see doing that if you knew someone you wanted to watch was in that area…. but that would be a lot of money/man hours (and highly trained/limited man hours too) to just flood the streets of DC with people.

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No. Well maybe one.

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wow. I got moderated. I just thought I was being funny because of the CIA and all. I’m sorry if I offended anyone. I don’t like mean people and I would hate to think that I did something that made someone think I was being mean.

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I’m a big fan of spy movies/novels and if that has taught me anything is that international terrorist organizations waste no ideas and use any and all means to infiltrate the US including but not limited to using the homeless (who according to most authors will sell out their nation for money then repent and commit suicide)... so if the CIA DOESN’T have these people out there then the terrorists have won.

(I love taking little trips to fantasy worlds where government funds are unlimited and intelligence agencies are actually thorough and do a half-way decent job).

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@Judi they will often mod first answers that are funny to allow the serious answers first. I do not think you offended anyone.

I agree with @Dr_C I think they are everywhere even on Fluther.

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I know first hand that cops go undercover as a homeless people, so I’m sure there are some homeless who aren’t really homeless.

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but if there are, I’m sure their work has nothing to do with helping the homeless but with criminalizing them

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I don’t think they care about the homeless. People are homeless because they cannot live any other way for psychological reasons. They do not want to live in houses and they do not want jobs.They get by alright without cell phones.

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@nanocat though many of the homeless have some sort of what we consider a mental condition, not all do

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Who told you that? Huh? What’s his name? Oh, I mean shhhhhhhh.

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Is it a problem if they are? I don’t see what valuable information they might be gleaning but should I care?

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I would assume they have, but only in the case if they needed to stake out a spot for a longer period of time, getting close to a crimminal group, or somesuch… Not 24/7–365

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