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In what way are you really obnoxious?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) May 26th, 2009

Look in the mirror and describe what you see with relevant examples.

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Well, first of all, I think this question was inspired by me, that’s how…

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I say what I mean, and try to use the most precise wording, which many people find very obnoxious.

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I can be a know it all at times and I can also get impatient and somewhat aggressive occasionally when I am frustrated and don’t feel I am getting through to people (such as call centers). Other than that, I’m just perfect. (And humble,too.)

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I am better than I used to be, but I have a habit of sometimes opening my mouth with no filter.

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I discuss and debate too easily with people. Everything is not a debate. But I restrain myself often nowadays, and let people be “wrong”. Shutting up sometimes, helps when making friends.

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I have no problem standing in front of people at concerts, even though I’m very tall.
I over-share and feel like I’m always talking too much or too little.
I get really demanding about time and hate to be late.
I make people hurry up, then wait.
I’m an obnoxiously messy eater.
I get loud when I drink.
I think I talk about myself too much.

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I have a really loud laugh and I snort. Now it’s nowhere near Janice from Friends, or Fran Drescher but it’s still quite loud. I also tend to be blunt, with friends and family.

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When I find a person to be a snob, or of that ilk, I dismiss them with an eye roll. I can’t stand to be around people that just think “ordinary” people are below them.

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in all other seriousness, I, as you know, am an obnoxious Yankees fan, am obnoxious about ‘seeing through people’, am obnoxious about not giving people 2nd chances, I don’t forgive easily, I have been called elitist by some but of course I disagree, I do judge people that aren’t competent parents.

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I’ve been told that sometimes I tend to answer questions with a question of my own by more than a couple of people. I don’t really do that, do I ?

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oh and this one time, in Nicaragua, I went into the central church and disregarding the worshippers there, sat in the archbishop’s red chair and made the tour guide (who p.s. totally wanted to do me behind the exploding volcano) take a picture of me all smiles..I figured, hell, I’m going to hell anyway as I’m on my honeymoon and planning to make out with the afrorementioned tour guide, so why not have a cool shot in a fancy chair

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Sometimes I say something supposed to be tongue-n-cheek, and it comes out rude.

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When I was younger, I believed that the only thing I had going for me was my intelligence. I cultivated that, and because I was shy and not sure what to do in certain social situations, I became this pseudo-intellectual snob. It was extremely off-putting. Now, I’ve grown into who I am and realize that I’ve got a lot going on, but sometimes egghead-girl still comes out. It’s ridiculously obnoxious, but it’s a hard habit to break.

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In the way I react to two-faced people, hippocrates, liars and the rotten.

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I get really, really bipolar sometimes.

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I am never obnoxious.

Oops. That was pretty obnoxious, wasn’t it?

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I was going to make a comment about the fact that @dalloon asked a question about being obnoxious Oh, never mind

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Personally, I am a schedule sargeant with my wife and daughter in the morning. They hate it and tell me to cut it out – so for one week I completely left them alone (it killed me). My daughter was late for school every single day.

Professionally, I cannot work with people who have no attention to detail, claim to know something they don’t, have a terrible work ethic.

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i hold grudges, but you’d never see it in my smile :)
i’ll get you back later on in life, when you’re at your lowest.

and i enjoy it more than anyone really should

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@jackfright I LIKE YOUR STYLE

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I’m a chronic devil’s advocate. Often I’ll argue a point I don’t even agree with, just because I enjoy the debate. Until it stops being an intelligent discussion and dissolves into personal attacks. Then I kick myself.

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Me? Oh. I’m never obnoxious, and I’m most definitely not ever sarcastic.

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I will correct people, especially with things like spelling and grammar.
I flirt incessantly when drunk.
I will try again and again to get what I want.
I watch the same movies and listen to the same songs over and over.
I will over think little details and make my friends listen to me do it.
I ask for advice and don’t take it.

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@TitsMcGhee so… a healthy, normal woman then?

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I’m a button pusher and competitive. A horrible combination for those whom I’m competing with.

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I never answer any question about what I want to do. 99% of the time I don’t care where we go, what we eat, what to buy, etc. It really annoys people, especially my wife.

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I think any number of Fluther members could give you 5–10 different answers about me on this one. :-)

But I think in general I’m obnoxious in that I don’t especially care what people in general think of my opinions or stances, and am therefore extremely blunt and unsympathetic in my phrasing of those opinions and stances.

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@tinyfaery That is a good one, I do this all the time. My wife is always on me to pick where to eat, but the truth is I don’t care and she is going to be picky. So why not leave the decision up to the person who actually cares?

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Inside of Disneyland, everyone in my party must follow a strict order of fun:
we must first ride the Disneyland Railroad all around the park
we enjoy the park attractions from left to right
lunch is always at the Blue Bayou and there is hell to pay if I can’t score a reservation for the time I want
all venues are okay except for Bear Country Jamboree (I can’t do it)
I’ll have a tantrum if I don’t eat a chocolate covered banana near the Matterhorn
we must finish the visit by riding the Monorail all around the the park

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Well, some employees of the school district think I am obnoxious, but they call it “being a…persistent parent.”

I really think they want to say something other than persistent.

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@hungryhungryhortence Can you come with my group to WDW next time? They might not get so annoyed at my anal-retentiveness if they saw yours. :-)

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@MrItty: believe it or not, we have a great time :D

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@hungryhungryhortence Oh, so do we! My friends just kinda get bug-eyed when I show them our Touring Plans, and ask them for which restaurants they want to eat in 6 months (well, 3 now) before our trip, etc…. :-)

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I do not practice what I preach.

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I’ve been told before that I talk too much and I guess that can be obnoxious. I cover it up well, though, because I am a very articulate speaker and before long, it’s like I put my audience into a trance (never to sleep) and they totally forget I’ve been talking too much.

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@Bluefreedom did you say something?

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@cak. Lurve (x10). =)

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I tell the truth.

trust me, a lot of people don’t like hearing it.

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I also have the tendency to get bored with what I’m saying (I believe it’s because I rehearse conversations in my mind ahead of time), so then I start to trail off and finish with “and that other thing” (especially on the phone)

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When I get excited I start talking really loudly without realizing it

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I have an obnoxious laugh. I am fully aware that it’s obnoxious, but I can’t help it. My husband thinks it’s infectious. I laugh really loudly and it’s kinda embarrassing, but I don’t know how to change it. at least I don’t snort

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@Blondesjon: You tell the truth BLUNTLY. If you practiced tact, you could still tell the truth and people wouldn’t (usually) find it obnoxious.

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@MacBean…In my experience a sugar coating on anything is generally unhealthy.

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@Blondesjon ; Then you don’t prescribe to the Merry Poppins prescription?
“Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down….”

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There is a big difference between sugar-coating and diplomacy.

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@Darwin… Exactly.
Diplomacy is when each side is blowing hot air up the others’ ass.

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@Blondesjon – That’s better than cold air. I hate frostbite, especially of the fundament.

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@Darwin…Now that is some truth.

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When commenting on celebrity hype.

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I can be an obnoxious sore winner. For example, when I beat my husband and all of his friends in their fantasy football league, I never let them hear the end of it!

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I am obnoxious when someone tells me about a problem they have and I know how to fix it. I always want to help people.

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I respond to threads that have long since been dead…

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