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Do you follow Celebrities on Twitter? How do you know they are who they say they are?

Asked by MrItty (17401points) May 26th, 2009

For example, I recently added my state’s governor – but only after visiting his official campaign page to see the link to his Twitter profiles. In general, how do you come to believe the people you follow on twitter actually are the people they say they are, rather than random fans who registered that user name?

please, no rants about how much you hate and/or never use Twitter here. There’s other questions for that…

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You don’t.

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I do as I got their address off them off the TV

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I follow NeilHimself (Neil Gaiman) following a link from his blog. Which is on his official website. He is actually Neil Gaiman. I have trust in him enough to believe he’s not hired a ghost-tweeter.

I also followed Fake-Christopher-Walken while he existed (and was sad when they took him down) because he was funny. But, I guess the key there was that I knew he was fake when I signed up. I read an article about the account, thought it (they?) was/were funny, and followed him.

So my ultimate answer: I believe they are who they say they are because I have heard so from reliable sources. When I follow fakes, I generally know because they were called fakes by reliable sources.

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certain ones are real – they identify that they use twitter via other mediums. other ones are obvious fakes, like TinaFey.

but i follow colin meloy, camera obscura, carson ellis, and a few others.

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I follow Christopher Walken, who I know for a fact is not Christopher Walken. @EmpressPixie He’s back in a few incarnations).

I also follow Mindy Kaling (Kelly from The Office), and I believe it’s her because she’s mentioned it in interviews.

I also follow famed porn star eponymoushipstr, and I know it’s really him.

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@Likeradar seriously, can we get married?

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@eponymoushipster I don’t think the boy would approve, sadly. :(

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@Likeradar dammit. and you’re hot to boot…. is he in poor health, perhaps? ;)

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@eponymoushipster Healthy as a healthy horse. You wouldn’t be able to handle me anyway :)

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There are Twitter accounts that help verify real celebs..,

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@Likeradar damn. worth trying though….

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I follow Neil Gaiman, Stephen Fry, Eddie Izzard and Graham Linehan (creator/writer of Father Ted and other great 90s-00s Britcoms). I either got an email/Facebook fan notification that they were now tweeting or I followed a link from their websites.

Actually, Neil tweeted yesterday that he knows Ben Folds, and got him to get an account.

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I follow RainnWilson. He posted a picture with evidence at some point, proving it was his twitter. He has some hysterical tweets.

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Red Bar Radio.

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i follow Stephen Fry and David Pogue and after a while it seems obvious they are real…thanks for some other great links here…

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i follow a few people from bands – the whole reason i even made a twitter – and know they’re real because one of them will confirm it, then they’ll ’@’ to the other guy, etc. also, they frequently post pictures of themselves that are taken on their phones, etc, and don’t post anything that people would have interest in making up anyway.

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Weird Al tweets now! He’s @alyankovic on Twitter. And he knows Ben Folds, too. Weird. It’s like, 6 Degrees of Ben Folds.

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One of the most notorious celebrity twitterers out there is Courtney Love. It’s quite real and fascinating in a guilty pleasure trainwreck sort of way.

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I don’t TWEET – but believe me after two tweets I’d know if it was Britney herself spewing some idiocy, or her PR machine.

Come to think of it, most celebs are morons and given the chance to talk about their breakfast “at length” – well 140 characters anyway, they’d make so many typos and grammar errors I’d be on it like a bloodhound.

Easy as pie.


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