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Why do American beers have twist-off tops?

Asked by Poser (7805points) December 23rd, 2007

I can’t think of any American bottled beer that isn’t a twist-off, nor can I think of any imported beer that is. Why is this? Do American brewers have a trade secret they’re not sharing with the rest of the brewing world? Or are Americans simply too lazy to find a bottle opener?

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Many american craft beers are not twist-offs. East Coast has Sam Adams, west coast has a bunch of the Washingtom/Oregon beers. I guess the big breweries (BudMillerCoors) are shooting for convenience, and the little ones not so much.

Returnable bottles are not twist-off.

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abaxx beat me to it.

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abaxx i so wanted to answer that one. SAMUEL ADAMS. btw there is a type of beer in mexico 2 that has twistoffs, but normally they are all normal.

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crimp top, not screw top: deschutes, bridgeport, widmer, rogue, otter creek, smuttynose… now that i see the pattern, it’s this:

crappy corporate beer = screw top
delicious craft brewery beer = crimp top

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This is why I keep two brands of beer in my fridge! Screw tops for quick access when I really need to have a beer and fast, and non-screw tops for the times I just want to enjoy the flavor or have it with a meal.

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I think crimp tops are just as fast… just gotta find the nearest counter edge or capable belt buckle to open it with.

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Yes there are plenty of american beers that are crimp tops, just none of the mass-produced corporate brews. I can take a crimp top off with lighter just as fast as a can take off a screw top so this poses no problem of speed haha

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Cos the Yanks aren’t smart enough to use a bottle opener!! ;)

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