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How do I get audio from my macbook pro through my samsung tv?

Asked by nicmac (2points) May 26th, 2009

I have a dvi to hdmi cable hooked up from my macbook pro to my samsung hdtv flat screen, so I am getting the video from my macbook, but can’t get the audio from my macbook pro to go through my tv speakers (or my integra dtr 7.7 receiver). I bought a headphone to microphone input jack, but still can’t get the audio. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

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Run a mini stereo plug from the headphone jack on the macbook, then split the line to two RCA pin plugs that can be inserted in the audio in jacks on the TV.

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So is there an adapter (RCA pin plugs) I can get for the one end of my headphone to microphone input jack, or do I need a different cable all together?

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You need a line with a male mini stereo plug on each end, another with a female mini stereo on one end and two male RCA pin plugs on the other end.

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I do this – although I have a Powerbook G4, not a Macbook. You need a Y cable – it’s an 8th inch male audio jack on one end (like the end of a pair of earphones), and on the other end are your red and white male audio heads. Plug those into your tv and the other end into the speaker outlet on your MacBook and you should be good to go.

This is what the cable looks like: Picture

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@nicmac:Even better, if your receiver has an optical input, you can get a mini TOSlink cable and output your sound digitally. Sounds much better than an analog conversion over rca.

Otherwise you can get either a long 1/8” mini-headphone male to stereo rca female or male.

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macbook doesn’t have an optical audio out.

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@steve6: Macbook Pro most definitely does. I’ve verified this myself, last week.

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I was asking and forgot to phrase it in a question, alex

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