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If you had a prehensile tail, what would you use it for in your daily life?

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:D :D :D :D :D :D :D
This is hilarious but good because… well, because. Oh boy, where do I begin? For starters, I’d be able to tickle a few ankles on the sly. questions like this tempt me to go through with some invites… so tempting, I miss fun

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@hungryhungryhortence Indulge in innocent fun. It’s ok.

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Couuld definitely come in useful in masturbation/sexual relations.

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steal cookies from lunch trays.
if it was a super strong tail, i’d grab parking meters and bash them into the ground until they broke and take all of the change.
steal pencils from my classmates if i couldn’t find one for a test.
kill aliens via choking them to death.
swing from trees and/or streetlights.
use it to steer my car while i talk on my cellular device.
show people how cool it is at parties.

man, there’s just so much you could do.

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I would not have to bend down nearly so often to recover the things I drop.
I could scratch my back wherever it itches.
I could carry extra stuff and save a trip.
I could drive and eat an ice cream cone at the same time.

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Drink while typing.

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Heh heh. One guess.

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Get another beer from the fridge without getting out of my chair and disturbing the cat.

Disturbing the cat.

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Let’s see….....
Oh, I know, I’d scratch my head with it while pondering the mysteries of the universe ;)
Also I’d wrap it around my sig other’s waist while walking together.
Speaking of significant others, I’d let her play with it, but only on special occations ;)

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Hmm. I’d make pancakes… but only for me. ;-)

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All the good answers have already been taken. I guess I’d climb more trees with a lot less effort. Either that or I’d be the star attraction on the monkey bars at the local playground.

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I like the way kangaroos use theirs, they lean back on it and lash out with their feet. Would be a good defensive move if you were mugged.

The Compassionate Heretic, you ask the most intriguing questions! I was going to ask you if you were a creative type but I checked out your profile and it says art is your area of expertise, so I guess that answers it!

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I’d slap people with it. :D You know, right at the back of their knees when they’re not paying attention.

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i could finally dress up as a catgirl:3

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Grow horns and join the demonic chorus…

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Can you imagine the fun you could have by tickling the backs of people’s knees and then pretend it wasn’t you? There are some other great and creative answers here!

Tails would be a cool look for humans. We would comb them, and do weird styling things with the hair (assuming they were hairy), tattoo them, pierce them, and of course, all chairs would have to be redesigned. With a tail, you could wrap it around your SO’s waist, and still leave your hands free for ordinary pursuits, like eating ice cream, etc.

I’ve always felt cheated that other animals have tails, but we humans don’t.

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I’m thinking perhaps a career in adult films.

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This is not answering the question, but is along the same vein and if the mods don’t like it they will bump it.

But, there was a pretty bad cyclone here 2 years ago. Some aboriginal friends were without electricity for a couple of days so asked if they could bring the contents of their freezer over so it wouldn’t spoil (we still had electricity). We said sure and they arrived with assorted items and 1 huge kangaroo tail, fur and all. Everytime I opened that freezer, it startled me and it looked as if a roo had jumped into that freezer head first and got stuck.

Just a little prehensile tail tale!

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@rooeytoo – I thought most kangaroos like the red one, the gray one and the walleroo had regular tails, not prehensile ones. I had believed that only the tree kangaroos has prehensile tails.

Am I confused?

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@Darwin – omg I just checked the definition of prehensile and you are so right. Makes a funny mental image though, a 6’ red roo hanging upside down by its tail from a tree.

Second lesson I learned today and it is only 11 am!

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@rooeytoo – Well, it is almost 9 pm here, so that means you don’t have to learn anything else today. :-)

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