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From homeschool to highschool. advice?

Asked by Sunybunny (119points) May 27th, 2009

I have a (younger) friend who has been homeschooled all her life and in the ninth grade is going to a small charter jr./highschool. She is understandably very worried about everything you worry about normal first day of school, but escalated. Any advice? Anyone else have a similar expierience?

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In our experience, the charter school was very similar to homeschool. Ours had the students attending class twice a week for an hour to take the exams and get their assignments, and doing all their work at home.

If she has to go to classes all day, it might be a little harder, but it’s my understanding that all the ninth graders are new to the school, so she won’t be out of place.

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It’s going to be tough, there’s no getting around that. Hopefully her education has been good enough such that she is on par with, if not ahead of, the rest of the students.

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Oh man. I wish I could go from high-school to homeschool. I feel for her.
But seriously, I’m a junior in high-school, and for me, going into freshman year was insanely stressful. I was EXTREMELY self-conscious; I would literally stand in the lunch line, serve myself food, and worry whether the senior in line behind me thought I was doing it wrong. Yeah.
Looking back, its all pretty ridiculous. The biggest advice I would have for your friend is tell her to have confidence in herself and not worry about what other people think, especially upper-classmen (trust me, no one really cares).
From experience, the environment takes getting used to, but it helped me to learn that no one is scrutinizing my actions, and most of those kids’ opinions dont matter anyway.
Also, tell her not to worry. The best kind of attitude amongst high-schoolers is the “its-all-good” mindset. :)

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I agree with @eupatorium – the best attitude to take is the “all good” mindset. Or rather – just relax, don’t freak out, and don’t be a pushover approach, even when things are uber-stresful.

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Don’t call the teacher ‘Mom’.

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Oh my gosh. Let’s hope culture shock doesn’t take over. Really the best advice, just have fun with it. Personally I hated homeschooling loved high school so much better. The only reason I continued to homeschool is so I could graduate faster and it was so expensive and already paid for. Just take it as it comes. But don’t let anyone run over you and don’t get too nervous about anything. Look around at all the losers in there with you, if they can do it, you can do it, right?

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Well, you have to know how to relax and be yourself. I know that sounds somewhat corny, but it’s true. I felt the same way going from junior high (8th grade) into high school (9th-12th). I’m an upcoming junior and I remember freshman year like it was yesterday. Yeah I was nervous, but the transition was somewhat smooth. Now referring to your question, one of my besties was home-schooled most of her life, she ended up making a lot of friends. My advice for your friend would be to work hard, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, and meet new people.

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