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Would you support remakes of old games? And why (or why not)?

Asked by ragingloli (43803points) May 27th, 2009

Like the old final fantasy games, lands of lore, or terranigma.
I would love to play these games in 3d and i would even go out of my way and buy them instead of pirating them.

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Depends. If it’s FFIV DS, ruining my childhood, no.

If it’s Bionic Commando Rearmed, hell yeah.

A remake of VII, as we all know, is inevitable. Square just has to smarten up and do it already. There are no financial or technical reasons as to why it cannot happen (hell, FUEL, a massive, open world racing game has proven that a sprawling world map is possible), it’s just SE’s ineptitude. Wada’s, actually. But I won’t get into that.

I say give me quality remakes. Not just a simple port or a new graphical engine.

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If the remake is an improvement, sure. If the remake is just a rehash, no.

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Yes, I would. Some of the ideas were great and original, and for some games it was too bad that the technology wasn’t there yet. But this meant that people had to come up with great rules and other ways of making the games addictive. The focus was on playability, not graphics.

So, if someone were to take a great classic game (off the top of my head I’ll say Daggerfall or Frontier) and make it better, yes. I’m currently playing “Jumpgate” which was made in 1999 based on the idea of “Elite” and “Frontier” (1993). Very playable, great fun (and it’s a MMO of course). But if it’s going to be like the latest “Leisure Suit Larry” game, where there is very little to actually do and it’s just a bunch of repetitive and boring mini-games with hardly any of the original humour, no thanks.

I think there are many hard-core fans who’d like to see their favourite games remade, as long as it is done with respect to the original ideas which made the game great in the first place. Everyone’s fear is that the remakers will not do it right, and simply abuse the name, while ruining the core elements of the original game.

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So long as it was an improvement, sure, why not remake your game. Square Enix has been doing this a lot with their DS re-releases of the various FF games. It’s cheaper to produce a game when you don’t have to think up new story and characters, and there’s a certain percent of the existing fanbase that will likely buy it up (then again, there’s a guaranteed certain amount who will hate it simply because it’s not the original version).

I find it amusing thinking about the FF7 remake that will eventually happen… I remember way back when that one scene was used as a tech demo for the PS3. But the longer they hold out, the better the quality of game they will be able to produce, as they learn and master the PS3 just as they did with the PS2. So while I would love to see one soon, I am more than willing to wait longer for a more glorious experience.

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@dynamicduo i would actually prefer it if the games were released for PC

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Well I guess Square Enix doesn’t. No doubt they learned (via releasing various FFs) that releasing games for the PC is not worth their development time, piracy is far too high to justify their investment compared to the adoption rate of the DS.

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I thought about this too. Video games rarely do remakes and when they do, they are typically disappointing. I’d rather video games move forward instead of rehashing old material.

If they’re going to go that route, I think they should just re-release the original game with some updates so they work on newer technology. I’d play the Baldur’s Gate series again if they did that.

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If I could get remakes of DOOM and DOOM II with high-res graphics and FX, but nothing else changed, I’d jump for them. Well, maybe you could make it a little more challenging by compelling the player to aim up and down instead of just left or right.

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I loved Ultima IV as a kid. I’m playing through this right now.

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