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I'm looking for a spa for a grandmother, mother, and baby within an hour or two of San Francisco...

Asked by formerlynew (5points) December 23rd, 2007

Would love to find a great spa someone can recommend that would be great with a baby.

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What kind of spa are you looking for? and are you looking for one where you spend the night, or just go for a day trip? I have one that I would highly recommend but it depends how “northern california” you are…i.e., would you be comfortable at a hotspring that is bathing-suit-optional (and co-ed)? The place is absolutely amazing, and even though it is “bathingsuit optional” there is no sketchy vibe at all. I would be comfortable bringing my mother there. But then again, my mother was a hippie in the 60s.

The place I am thinking of is called Wilbur Hot Springs, two and half hours north of SF, near Williams, CA. It is a beautiful old victorian stage-coach inn from the 1800s, completely remote, off the grid, and in a silent setting with no cellphone reception—complete escape from the outside world. There are incredible hot springs….they’ve created wooden flumes with water of varying temperatures, all next to a rushing creek. There’s also a sauna. You can get massages there but no other typical spa treatments like facials.

Oh and there’s a big communal kitchen so you bring your own food and cook it. The last time I was there , a couple had brought their baby…the one thing is you can’t bring your baby into the hotsprings, so you or your mother would have to take turns. Note: I remember they only allow families with babies in certain rooms, so be sure to call and tell the you are bringing a baby so that they can reserve the “baby” room for you.

Hope this helps. There are lots of other conventional spas in Napa and Sonoma.

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the Claremont hotel in Berkeley

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Also, for a day spa treatment, I have heard good things about a place called Osmosis up near Calistoga but I am not sure if they are child-friendly…

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