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Is it possible to change the direction your hair grows w/o surgery?

Asked by MrGV (4170points) May 27th, 2009

there is a small patch of hair on my head that grows in a differ direction than the rest

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It’s called a whorl or cowlick. Live with it. It is a minor issue. Be grateful that you have hair.

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I’m not sure you could do this even with surgery. Theoretically, wouldn’t you need to realign each individual follicle? That would be one messy surgery.

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@gailcalled I love that you said “live with it” after seeing how MrGeneVan pops in on threads to answer only “Get over it” or “Deal with it like a “man”.

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Its just hair. Be thankful that you even have it.

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If you Asian brush it in desired direction after showers. If white. Do the same, if black getta relaxer

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