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Has anyone ever beat the system?

Asked by Bobbydavid (837points) May 27th, 2009 from iPhone

By this I mean what examples do you have of getting one over the government, law, regulators. Can you beat them and how? When have you bent the rules and what consequences were there?

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Not treally, some people just think they beat the system and appear to have for the time being. One way or another you always end up having to pay.

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I figure that most people will say it isn’t really possible as ultimately you’ll pay but I hope I’m wrong!

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Don’t try to “Beat the system”... It’s not possible. The system ALWAYS wins in the long run.

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I don’t know why you’d want to beat yourself, but you could take a willow switch and beat your back over your shoulder. Or, you could take a ruler in one hand, and wham it against your other hand. To each their own, I guess.

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Are you saying we are the system? If not, what the hell do you mean?

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Got it in one!

assuming you’re not an alien in a democratic country

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Arghhhh! I’m not happy to be the system. I’m building that spaceship right now and applying for Martian asylum!

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You could build that spaceship, or you could take other actions that might change the system in ways you would like to see it change.

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I am reminded of the commercial for tax lawyers where smiling well dressed people say things like “I owed the government $100,000 and settled for $35,000” Most people might think of that as getting over on the system. Meanwhile here in California we are going to lose healthcare for the children of the working poor. We are going to phase out state college grants. We are going to lose police and firemen. We will be closing some state parks. Public school funding will be decreased. The state will no longer cover the cost of fighting fires unless they occur on state property. We will be giving early release to 10’s of thousands of convicts. If all the tax scofflaws paid it would make up our tax shortfall.
I guess they got over on the system, alright.

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I’m already working hard on the changes I want, in fact 24/7

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Them Duke boys- yeehaw!

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I heard of some people who cheat on their taxes.

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If you have the right lawyer you can, but otherwise you usually can’t.

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I wouldn’t even try (Pete Rose) to avoid taxes.

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What about OJ Simpson the first time around?

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I don’t know him.

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Come on WE ARE the system – but to beat it we and probabl our children gonna have to sacryfice ourselfes! And that’s the only way!

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