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What is (or was) believed to be true about you that is false?

Asked by essieness (7693points) May 27th, 2009

Old rumor? Mistaken identity? Possibly it’s become a running gag by now?

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On my last job, people seriously believed I was related to the CEO.

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That I am a grouch.

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That I am stronger than I actually am.

Funny story though. My hubby has an unusual name. For a long time people “secretly” thought his name was Henry (where that name came from I have no idea). So at one point I heard people talking about it and I had to correct them, no his name isn’t Henry. What the heck? Haha.

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1.Everyone thought I was japanese, chinese, korean , and so on.
2. At one point people thought I took steroids just because I had muscles…ignorant people.
3. People think I’m quiet and shy cause I am asian…..
There is a lot more…..

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@MrGeneVan People think I’m something other than plain ole white girl. I get Mediterranean or Middle Eastern a lot. Specifically Palestinian or Turkish. I think it’s my big schnoz.

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People here are apt to think I am a 28 yr old waitress from Hooters. (I am repeating myself, since this question has come up several times.)

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That I’m wicked, kinky and melancholy.

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When I was in college, there was a rumor going around that I was dating Vanilla Ice. This was long after his Ice Ice Baby days, and I’ve never even met the dude. I was a senior, sitting in the library, and this freshman approached me. He said, “Are you the president of Zeta?” I said, “Yeah,” thinking he wanted a girl’s phone number or something. He said, “Is it true you’re dating Vanilla Ice?” Huh?????? That was the first I’d heard of it, but when I asked him where he’d heard that, he said, “I dunno, a few people have mentioned it.”

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@MissAusten Wow, that is… um… weird.

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It’s the only rumor about myself I’ve ever heard, so I’m glad it’s such an interesting one!

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I have a pretty nice body, and people always think I play volleyball or I’m on the track team. They think I’m really strong and they’re surprised when I can’t listen to heavy stuff or run fast…at all.

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@MrGeneVan and @essieness I have always gotten the “What are you?” questions about my ethnicity ever since I was little…I always love it when people guess and are all “Are you Spanish” “Are you Greek” “You’re Romanian or something aren’t you?” “Hey, but you’re Jewish right?”...Makes me laugh. I AM part Japanese, but no one EVER guesses that.

People also think I’m smarter than I am. I’m smart, but not brilliant (my brother’s brilliant), I’m just relatively eloquent and I have a reasonably developed vocabulary so I have people tell me that I’m “SO smart” a lot. It’s rough cause I’ve always had to work really hard for good grades and people assume it comes easily.

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People at work tend to think that I’m a very sarcastic S.O.B. much of the time and that I’m not a very nice person. This is patently false – I am a very nice person.

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That I am a lesbian. I moved to California and had a female roommate after I divorced my first husband, who was someone I knew in high school. I guess he “got back at me” by telling this girl who never liked me that I moved away to be a lesbian. She told everyone she knew. When I moved back from California, everyone I ran into thought I was.

The thing is, I didn’t care so it didn’t bother me. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being homosexual and never cared what those people thought anyway.

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That I was a slut… when I was a virgin.

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@augustlan I’ve never actually gotten slut, but no one EVER believes me when I say I’m a virgin. I always get a “No you’re not…really?!” in response…it’s a little insulting actually…

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Face lift and tummy tuck. Never had ‘em. Just started toning myself.

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That I am a snob, because in real life, I’m very quiet. Painfully shy, at times. I am a listener, observer and then I move into the conversation. I’ve been told, too many times, “Oh, when I first met you, I figured you would be such a snob. You are so friendly, I’m shocked!”

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1. I am not gay, not even bisexual nor have I ever had sex with a man (various people have suspected this at various times, though not that often).
2. I never beat up my wife (some people who watched her say that on TV may have believed it, though not the people who know us both).
3. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t take drugs. This is a commonly held misconception. I did use to smoke a lot in the past, and there was a period in my life when I also drank a lot (but was not an alcoholic), but that’s it. And I was never a drug user.
4. My sister is my sister, not my daughter. We are just 3 years apart (for some weird reason when I was 15 I looked like a grown-up and some children at the school had this rumour that she’s my daughter).
5. I have never had sex with hitomi. (I just said that because I noticed that post just now and ran out of things to say).
6. I am not as rich as people think. In fact, I’m broke right now, since I haven’t worked properly in a year or so. I just took out a huge loan for all my expenses (using my house as collateral), which I will start paying once things with my daughter get sorted out.

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#1 – That I’m a whore. Lots of people tend to think that, but I’m not. I was a virgin ‘til I was almost 17, and I’ve been with 3 people sexually. Meaning I’ve only given and received oral and anything else sexual with three people. The first one was a boy I was with for years, the second I was with a few months, and the third is my current SO of one year.
#2 – That I’m a bitch. I have a sassy attitude thanks to being from Jersey, but I will never intentionally hurt you, say anything mean to you, or behind your back, or give you a REAL attitude (unless you talk shit about family/friends or my past). I may be sassy, but I’m nice, most of the time I’m way too nice, and I NEVER in anyway, mean to be a bitch.
#3 – My boobs are REAL. Yep real. I’m 19 for gods sake, why would I get fake boobs. Just because I went from a small B to a D in a short few months does NOT mean they’re fake. They grew so fast that I have faint stretch marks to prove it.
#4 – I’m not a snob. I just love my life. I’ve been through A LOT, literally hell and back, a completely insane and abusive mother who hit me, put me on depression/A.D.D meds that I clearly didn’t need, took me out of school and put me in an outpatient program at a mental hospital because she thought I was “a threat to her” when really it was the other way around, she caused me to not graduate from HS (I eventually did that ON MY OWN) , an abusive “first love”, abortion, being kicked out of my house. So I feel completely blessed to be where I am now.

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@Jack79 On tv? Why was your ex-wife on tv?

I’m not crazy. well, I’m not crazy anymore.

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That I’m a real “people” person.

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-That I don’t care about people I care too deeply actually, I just suck at properly expressing myself
-That I’m fluent in tons of languages. I learn languages on my own and am a linguistics major, but that doesn’t mean I’m some amazing polyglot
-that I don’t drive by choice. In reality, I can’t see well enough to pass the eye test, but I’m not obviously visually impaired so people underestimate how bad it is

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When I was in my twenties, a friend who’d moved away 4 years earlier came back for a visit. That’s when I learned that our former social circle had decided a couple of interesting things about me that I never could have imagined:
(a) because they never saw me with a man, I must be a lesbian, and
(b) because I always wore long sleeves, even in summer, I must be a drug addict hiding track marks.
In truth I was having a secret affair all that time, and I was one of those thin people who are always cold. I have never been either a lesbian or a drug addict. Those were just silly fabrications that I never did anything to give rise to or support, but people believed them for reasons of their own.

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I am babyfaced, so people always think I am in high school when i’m well past those days lol

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When I was a child I was called a liar; I am and always have been a very honest person.
When I was in high school I was called a slut – even though I was a virgin.
When I got promoted at work it was assumed that I slept with my boss – I hadn’t.
At school everyone assumes I am working on a master’s degree – I’m still finishing my bachelor’s.

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I’m this big, scary dude who will kick your ass – While I am big, I’m quite the teddy bear and have never been in a proper fight. I’m just often deep in thought.

I’m an athiest – I’m actually an agnostic. My family has no idea what that is and can’t be bothered to research it.

I took a lot of drugs – Yes, I went to art college. No, we didn’t all do drugs (I smoked one joint when I was fifteen).

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People think I have only half a brain. Actually, I have only the other half.

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for some reason people think i am nice.
it is awkward when they assume i am and try to hang out with me. i try put it nicely that i am in fact not nice. haha

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Lately people think I had gastric bypass. I lost weight on a diet that is offered by a local hospital. The name of the program is Bariatric Solutions and I was on a commercial for the diet. They see bariatric solutions and they think I did the surgery.

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I am a large part native American. However, the “white” genes (though there are far less of them) won out in the gene pool and people don’t believe me when I tell them that I am a registered member of a tribe.

In college (which was about 2 weeks ago haha) people assumed that just because I partied with my friends a lot I must be a horrible student, once someone asked me and my best friend what we were doing in the library and got confused when we explained that we were doing our homework like everyone else. It was very strange.

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People have incorrectly said I am conservative, gay, frigid, and a bigot.
The conservative remark was the only one that really hurt.

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I have been mistaken for a conservative as well. Once, when someone from church was surprised that I was a Democrat I said, Oh my goodness, I hope I am to nice to be mistaken for a Republican!

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People think I have lots of money because I did for awhile and gave quite a bit away.
Well, that’s over with.

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@adreamofautumn I’ll join that club of light-skinned NDNs. I’m lucky enough to live on the West Coast though where a ton of us are light-skinned.

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at school – and in most situations, actually – i don’t tend to be the person who initiates conversation.
i won’t deny being kind of shy, but i am not painfully shy as people seem to think. this assumption also leads them to think that i’m innocent to the point of being completely naive and sheltered. where that comes from, i don’t know.
of course, this is usually the idea people i don’t talk to often at school come up with. “ohmygawshhh you’re soOoOo quiet!! omg do you eva talkkk?”. yes, but to people who don’t annoy the hell out of me. god.

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My sons friends always think of us (my husband and I) as being kind of tough and stiff until they meet us. They always assume my son is a reflection of who we are and are often surprised to find that we are quite different. When we went to Europe to spend our vacation with my son, he said after we left they all kept commenting how they never envisioned we would be the way we were and how very different in personality we were. My son is a type on personality and although my husband and I are as well, Time has taught us not to be so ridgid. Something my son still has to learn.

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