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Do you enjoy sriracha hot chili sauce?

Asked by MrGV (4170points) May 27th, 2009


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Yes. Why?

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@Darwin what dishes do you use it on?

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it’s got cock on the bottle!

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I love it and put it in just about everything I cook. It has a nice tang and the heat of most brands is not objectionable.

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I couldn’t imagine my home without a bottle!

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Yes. Great stuff. I use it almost everywhere a bit of heat is called for.

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I Love the HOT COCK

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I love it! We call it Cock Sauce.

I can’t get enough of that hot cock sauce, let me tell you. :)

Here’s a NY Times article about the sauce and its maker.

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Y E S S S. Interested to hear if anyone has any good recipes they use it in.

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The most obvious recipe is combining it with ketchup, about half and half, this makes a good seafood dip.

I love adding a bit to my hot dog or hamburger. I also used it in some spicy deviled eggs I made a few weekends ago and it added a very nice taste to them.

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All stir frys, even makes tofu taste good.

Amazing on scrambled eggs.

I put a hit of it into anything that has canned tomato in it, like spaghetti sauce, lentils and rice, soups.

The list goes on and on!

@dynamicduo – good idea about mixing with ketchup for seafood, I will use that!

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I use it anywhere a “regular” person would use catsup, which I despise. Mmmm…it goes great on a fried egg sandwich with sausage…and on fried potatoes. I’m going to go have a spoonful now!

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I just put some on my pizza and sat down to eat it then I saw this question. We use it all the time.

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I add Rooster sauce to bottled BBQ sauce for ribs as well as using it as a dipping sauce for cocktail shrimp.

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I love my “rooster” sauce on many things but especially on a fried egg sandwich. Yummy!!

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I add it to a variety of things. It is particularly good on fried egg and paté banh mi (a Vietnamese sandwich), or IHOP’s Ham and Egg Melt (sliced ham, scrambled egg, American cheese, Swiss cheese on grilled sour dough bread) but it can be good on a lot of different things. Barbecue sometimes needs it, ditto steaks, stir fried mixtures, mashed potatoes or quesadillas. I also like it on noodle dishes such as Pancit or Yakisoba. Sometimes it is even good on macaroni and cheese.

It depends on what I am in the mood to eat and how I want things to taste. Sometimes Tabasco is the right sauce, sometimes I need the smokiness of Bufalo Chipotle, sometimes I prefer Yucatan Sunshine Habañero Pepper Sauce, and sometimes I want Sriracha’s Sambal Oelek or their Garlic Chili Sauce or their regular Sriracha sauce. It depends on the food and my mood.

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I drank a full bottle at my workplace’s Christmas party, year before last.

I recieved $58 and a shitload of “guy cred”.

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@Blondesjon – How did you feel the next day?

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like I was shitting burning razor blades

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Huh. I’m not surprised.

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nor was I.

ahhh, the price of fame. (which is $58, by the way)

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@eponymoushipster – The brand I am using at the moment does not have the cock on it, has an eagle, I have had the brand shown on the pic and it is hotter than what I am using now. I guess Sriracha is a type not a brand, learn something new every day!

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@rooeytoo yeah, you never want want second class cock sauce.

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Heh heh, @Blondesjon drank cock sauce at a party.

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@ru2bz46 wouldn’t be the first time is my guess….heh.

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@ru2bz46 haha. if @Blondesjon takes that seriously, he’s not the @Blondesjon i’ve come to know.

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Do you “know” @Blondesjon in the biblical sense? ;-)

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I never heard of it before.

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@Jeruba – it’s great stuff if you like a bit of a tang and a kick as well. It is made from chilis.

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