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I am interested in Lactose Free Ice Cream recipes. I'm finding it hard to get around the need for cream. Any suggestions or recipes to share?

Asked by IceCreamLady (7points) May 27th, 2009

I’m doing research to create lactose free ice creams at home using my own ice cream maker. I am severely lactose intolerant and even yogurt upsets my stomach. I have found I don’t really care for soy that much either so this kind of leaves me in a bit of a pickle.

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I’ve had some pretty great stuff made with coconut cream. Lots of recipes here.

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I’ll check that out. Thank you!

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Have you tried taking Lactaid pills before you eat dairy?

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I saw almond milk in the grocery store today and so I just did a quick Google and discovered that apparently you can use it to make “ice cream.” Some folks also use rice milk or oat milk.

Some how-to sites:

And here is one recipe:


2C coconut milk
1C almond milk (plain or vanilla)
1–2 cups sugar (I use 2)
1 tsp vanilla extract

The more almond milk you use the less creamy. It has a slight coconut taste, you can add whatever fruit you like, it is creamy and my kids/hubby love it.
Some add lecithin granules (richer taste).

Note: It doesn’t say but I assume you put this in your ice cream maker.

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Lactaid pills don’t really work very well for me and get buying them gets expensive rather quickly. I’m also wanting to MAKE the ice cream that I can’t buy in the grocery stores locally.. like chocolate or any other actual flavor combination instead of just plain old vanilla.

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Coconut Milk and Almond Milk as alternatives to Cream, sounds like something definitely worth experimenting with. Thank you for the links and recipe!

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I have had cashew ice cream that was to die for. I swear I couldn’t tell it from real ice cream. Here are some recipes.

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If I’m reading this correctly Cashews is just an ingredient in regular ice cream except for the first one who wasn’t satisfied at all with the outcome of the “ice cream” due to the texture problem they encountered. But every tid bit of info will help in one way or another. Thank you!

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Oh, sorry! Though I am certain that the one I tried was entirely milk-free and not soy-based. I got it at Mountain Mama’s in Colorado.

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I re-read the first cashew ice cream listing and yes it is milk free, it wasn’t that they were unsatisfied.. it was that they were concerned about oficianodos disagreeing that it was “ice cream” due to texture. Though they seemed to enjoy the flavor it doesn’t sound like a very economical recipe for home use.

It is definitely something to consider though. Perhaps I can experiment and come up with a cashew “cream” substitute for my regular ice recipes… certainly worth looking into. Obviously I love to make ice cream at home but being lactose intolerant has hindered my flavor experiments. Though my friends would disagree, they get to eat it all since I can’t. lol

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I like milk shakes with acid. milk. (can’t spell the bacterium)

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Acidophillus (for lactose intolerance, I think it grows in camel feces)

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What about investigating sorbets? All the deliciousness of ice cream but without the lactose… and without that creamy texture, but that’s because of the cream, so there’s not much you can do about that. You’d probably have to experiment a bit with your ice cream maker but I imagine you could use it to create sorbet.

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I’ve had some really excellent coconut cream ice cream.

Can you have the lactose-free milk/cream? I know Organic Valley does one. If so, I would suggest using that.

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Hello IceCreamLady. Some people think lactose intolerance amounts to a just a little bit of gas and indigestion. (I know I used too). However, I learned most painfully that for many, lactose intolerance is serious, and can be excruciatingly painful. I had to go to the emergency room for relief. And my sister in law was actually coughing up the inner lining of her stomach. So for those who don’t know, for some of us, the little lactaid pills just won’t do. Fortunately for me, I can have lactaid milk, with discretion of course. And if you can find it, Breyer’s Ice Cream has line of flavors made with Lactaid milk. I’m so happy to hear about the coconut cream alternative though, as I love making home made ice cream. Thank you everyone for the info.

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