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Why are my bitter taste buds on overdrive?

Asked by kevbo (25624points) May 27th, 2009 from iPhone

Food doesn’t taste bitter per se, but it seems that anything I ingest is making the bitter regions of my tongue go bonkers. It seems even when
I’m not eating I can taste bitter. It’s definitely my tongue, not stomach acid or whatever.

The only thing I can add is that my CPAP has been totally drying my mouth overnight. Not sure if that’s the cause.

Any ideas on how to get back to normal? This is mildly annoying and getting more so.

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Not meaning to frighten but this sounds very much like me when I first had hepatitis. I assume this is from the back part of your tongue, right?
I read somewhere once that there is a correlation between liver ailments and changes in taste buds. Ask shilolo. Perhaps he might have heard something about this.
BTW, I certainly hope it’s not a liver ailment, and I doubt that it is.

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Yes, back of the tongue. Appreciate the info.

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You haven’t quit taking any Rx or stopped smoking recently, have you?

This reminds me of my previous attempts to quit smoking, when my mouth was plagued by a very strong metallic taste. This last time it didn’t happen, that I noticed anyways but then I was also sick with the flu

Anyhow, this warped taste lasted about 1 week, and pretty much screwed with everything I tried to eat, as nothing I ate tasted right. The magnitude of this struck home when one day I popped a stick of Stride Spearmint gum in my mouth and realized I could not taste the spearmint. Freaky!

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I recently got back on my thyroid mess after a solid hiatus. (Dumb, I know.)

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Why is your CPAP drying your mouth? Do you have the full face version? Are you a mouth breather? I have the nose version, and as a result, my mouth is no longer dry in the morning, since I have to keep it closed all night.

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Yeah, I’m a mouth breather. I have a humidifier, but it doesn’t always do the trick. Sometimes the seal on the mask (to my face) isn’t perfect.

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Do you have a sinus infection you didn’t know about?
Do you have gingivitis ditto?
Can you figure out a way to kept your mouth moist while you sleep?

Have you talked to your doctor?

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No, no, and yeah. Sometimes you turn over and it knocks it loose. That kind of thing.

Haven’t talked to my doctor yet. This just started a few days ago.

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