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In california, a 3 year old toddler killed her younger brother with a gun. Since america does have no problems treating kids as adults in these cases, should the toddler be charged with manslaughter?

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I think is this situation it’s only logical to say no. What’s next prosecuting babies that cause death while in pregnancy.

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In a case like this there are only victims. You might wanna charge the registered owner of the gun with negligence, but this is nothing but tragic, and I would have little respect for a prosecutor picking this up.

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No. No. No. It’s stuff like this that makes me want to hurt people.

This is not good for my anger.

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How in the world do you think a 3 year old should be treated like an adult? Why do you say “since American does have no problems treating kids as adults in these cases”? Where is this proof? Where are other cases of this happening? Basically, justify your outlandish claim.

A 3 year old does not have the mental capability to understand the consequences of their actions. Plus, it was an ACCIDENT, it did not have intent. (This is in relation to another case where a child murdered a family member [possibly a stepmom] intentionally with a gun.)

The only charges in this case should be against the parent for having a gun accessible to children. They don’t need more suffering, they’re already suffering plenty with the loss of one of their children.

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Good question. Previous questions have led the Americans to quote national library archives stating the world generally adheres to them. Quite obviously this case needs close scrutiny as American gun laws will most probably have to be adhered to by the rest of the western world. I look forward to the outcome. Can’t have your cake and eat it!

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Parents or parent should be locked away.

I have a gun and I live with my sister and she has three kids.

What they would have to do the fire my gun.

1. Get the key for the cabinet that has the gun in it. (It is on my wallet)

2. Assemble the gun. I take it apart after every use.

3. Get bullets.. I don’t keep them in the house.

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What a tragedy. Clearly the parent will be charged with some form of negligence. If the owner is licensed to carry, then it would not be illegal to have a loaded firearm in the home if it remains “within immediate control” of the permit holder, on his person, or within arms reach. He could be a police or security officer. Now, why the gun was in the full ready state (safety off and a round in the chamber) is another question.
In typical US fashion, the rules vary state by state.
Putting the parent in prison would further compound the tragedy.

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This is the perfect example of taking something that America does to the extreme. Yes, America has prosecuted minors as adults, for very adult crimes, before. I can’t say that I have agreed with all the cases, but clearly, this would not be in that category. I think even suggesting it shows a complete absurd thought process, on your behalf.

This was an awful tragedy, for all involved and the owners of the gun have a lot of explaining to do and also should be held responsible. Why there wasn’t a gun lock or why the gun was ready to go will be investigated, heavily, I’m sure. I’m torn on what should happen to the parents, but I have a feeling that one will wind up in prison.

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No prosecuting attorney, in their right mind, is going to level manslaughter charges against a 3 year old child. It simply won’t happen. This incident is a tragedy and an accident which was probably entirely preventable except that the adults involved, the parents, were excessively stupid in that they left a firearm laying around that was accessible to their children.

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It’s sick. Too many tragedies occur due to dumb ass weak gun laws

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Should not be prosecuted as an adult, I still don’t think the child is blameless however.

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When y’all gonna learn ragingloli is usually a trollfest all on his own?

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@hug_of_war A three year old? Who just learned to speak? Who doesn’t know more about pain than the occasional boo-boo?

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THe kid is freaking 3 years old ! what can you do to the kid, send him to jail ?

At that age they still need parents in their life to teach him all the fundemetals about living life and being potty trained. Do you think the person working in the prison is going to stop to change that babies daiper every two hours ? No, I HIGHLY doubt that would happen. If they were to do anything they would kill the child as a “adult” charge. Other then that its a bunch of bullshit.

If anything the parents should be charged, not the THREE year old.

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The child has no concept of what she did, but unlike mentally ill people, will eventually grow up to become an adult, with a conscience. She’ll have to live with her action for the rest of her life, and it is up to the parents, teachers, and society as a whole, to make the best out of this individual, so that she grows up to be a fairly normal, non-violent member of society, and not a mass murderer.

The big question is, of course, how she got hold of the gun in the first place. And, if guns don’t kill people, then who killed that little boy? I do not think that it is a mere coincidence that these accidents happen only in America, where guns are legal, and nowhere else, where they are illegal. Here’s a country that forces you to wear a seatbelt, yet allows you to keep a loaded pistol in your 3-year-old’s playpen.

And unfortunately not everyone is as responsible as John Powell.

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Oh I know @asmonet. I consider rebutting him to be practice for the true idiots I meet day to day. It’s like verbal sparring. Sharpening the logic stick first thing in the morning. Combined with my coffee, it wakes me up quite nicely :)

I wonder why this person is allowed on the site if they always post flamebait… then again I’ve been seeing way too many trolls here in the past few months. It wears on you after awhile, eh.

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This happens more than you would think. A six year old in Terre Haute IN shot his mother in January of this year; in the same news report, an angry 4 year old shot his 18 year old babysitter and another teen in Ohio.

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Yeah but the child is three, how can he know the differnce from right and wrong.

Just like @oratio said all the know of pain is a boo boo.
Not that oh this gun will kill my brother lets play. No it wouldnt happen like that.

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You guys are just feeding my rage.

People are so goddamn stupid. I think I’m going to go live with the wolves.

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Ban guns, simple. Really pissed off that these tragedies are even a possibility. Why is it only on America? Surely the entire nation aren’t that plain stupid? Our police(uk) don’t even carry guns and our crime/murder rate is just a tiny fraction of America! WAKE UP!!!

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@Bobbydavid You’re funny. All your other answers have been similar DOWN WITH AMERICA style ones. Good trolling :)

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America…...police the world, can’t stop a 3 year old from committing murder. I have a point but your arrogence blinds you

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@Bobbydavid: How sad it is that you can’t find other trolls to play with in your own perfect little world. Your comments yesterday :
*“Is flag burning Freedom of speech or is it unpatriotic?
Flag burning seems to always be aimed at or caused by Americans. Why is this? My guess is the answer from Americans will be jealousy as usual but in this instance, are Americans jealous of themselves? Time to hop off of that pedestal you’ve put yourselves on.”* clearly show your disdain for America and it’s citizens. Go home little troll and play with the people you don’t treat with such disrespect.

Nobody here can have a respectful and productive conversation with you regarding gun control, or anything else, when you just want to spout vitriol.

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Critisism you can’t accept no matter how true it is. Really sad. I haven’t attacked anyone personally yet the remarks I get back are! I need say no more

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America!!! LOL I have no hatred or dislike for you at all, in fact I love your values but you are so far from actually being the “great nation” you claim to be it’s unreal. A little honest opinion and you look to take over the world. Why is that?

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@Bobbydavid: Go back an re-read your own comments; using words and phrases that are derogatory and demeaning to the US in general are attacks, even if you’re not using a specific persons name. You accuse us of being arrogant, I beg you to look in the mirror.

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Not at all. You preach so much to the world yet nobody can offer anything back. Untouchables! It’s such a shame that my weak government are so willing to help you so often. Given the choice I’d not.

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@Bobbydavid: I’m fairly confident there are no politicians here; and I’m also confident no one here plans to take over the world. We’re citizens in a country just like you and as far as I can see, nobody here is “preaching to the world”.

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But still you refuse to realize your own countries faults! Maybe my wording was read out of context but on now way have I… Nah, can’t be bothered anymore

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Come on guys. Don’t make this into a flame war between the US and EU. Things like this has happened in Europe too, as well as a couple of school shootings. I agree to that guns should be banned or gun laws should be extremely strict, anywhere.

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UH..NO! How in the world is the 3 year old really going to know the wrong he/she is doing. There just a baby, im sure it was an accident. Since when would it ever be morally and politically correct to charge a baby with man slaughter. If the day ever came when that happened, you best believe I will be moving to canada!!

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@hug_of_war “I still don’t think the child is blameless however.”

So a three year child who isn’t sufficiently developed to be trusted to eat with sharp objects or around traffic is somehow accountable for the identification and appropriate handling of a loaded handgun.

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt in assuming that you don’t have kids, and know nothing about child development.

still disturbing nonetheless

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by the way, WTF is a troll? I’m home already and I’m not at all stupid or small. This is not personal, it’s one mans observation and opinion. In most peoples eyes a wrong opinion bit I’m entitled to it none the less

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@emmy23: Perhaps you might want to look into Canada’s crime rate and it’s own gun issues. The fact is, gun control is a serious issue. No place is perfect but some places are far more stringent.

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I should watch more local news. This is the first I’ve heard of it and I live in Bakersfield. Knowing our DA, made famous In this Sean Penn Documentary about the witchhunt in the 18980’s I wouldn’t put it past him. His true nature is also made evident in The Edward Hume Novel Mean Justice

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@Judi I knew Sean Penn was from the future.

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@bythebay Does Canada really have that bad of a crime rate? I mean im guessing it would only be certain places in canada because I have a friend that lives near Edmonton and he says its a really nice place so I dont know. Also, how is the governmemt there? Are they fair? I am considering moving there..

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@emmy23: let’s not derail this thread any further. a simple google search for canadian crime rates/gun control/ etc., should yield your answers.

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When I grow up I want to be just like @bythebay. :)

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@asmonet why do you want to be like bythebay

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Because, she’s awesome.

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