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What activities are there to do when boredom strikes?

Asked by emmy23 (256points) May 28th, 2009

Blah, Im bored!

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Masturbate. Works all the time.

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I try new crafts. Recently I made paper. That was quite fun to do.

Another thing you can do right NOW to get up and active is some type of cleaning. Make your bed, tidy dishes, etc. Sure it’s boring, but why not do it when you have nothing else to do? Plus it feels good to prove to yourself that you CAN indeed make your bed despite there being no need.

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Tons of stuff you could do.
I personally like to write or sleep, cause there’s not really much of anything to do in my town.
It sounds silly; but you’re on the internet, so there’s really no reason to be bored with so much at your fingertips. Unfortunately it just takes a lot of effort to find new stuff. :[

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get off your computer and do try to do something you’ve never done before. it will excite you.

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Learn something new.

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Bed your good woman (or man).

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Check out the 9 or so earlier Fluther Q & A on boredom.

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Take a walk (it will energize you)
Listen to music
Write about how you are feeling
Call a friend
Look up volunteer opportunites

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Sleep, write, Fluther, clean, fix, wash, talk, watch TV, listen to music, cruise the net, walk the dog, ride a bike, go to the gym, work out right there in the middle of the floor, bake a cake, paint a picture, go shopping, go to a movie, go out to eat, call your mom (takes a deep breath) learn to Scuba dive, make a pot holder, sign up for summer school, hang out on the corner (or the front stoop), plan a vacation, dream, volunteer, get a job, train for a marathon next Fall, find a church, research clubs to join, go bird watching, teach yourself to use chopsticks, design a web site, find an audition, eat something, go to the park….(and many other things – the sky is the limit and imagination can take you wherever you want to go)

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The ease with which one gets bored is in direct correlation with one’s level of intelligence. In plain language, people of lesser intelligence get bored more easily than smarter people; unless you suffer from some sort of brain chemical imbalance.

A little imagination goes a long way to relieving boredon.

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Physical stuff: toe raises, squats, pliets, push ups, torso raises
Computer stuff:,, (movies & shows), (movies & shows)
Distraction stuff: dust, iron clothes, clean & polish shoes, re arrange cabinets, clean refrigerator, clean out car, wash dog

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You could also amuse yourself by letting the dog clean out the refrigerator. I have several who would volunteer in a heartbeat if you don’t have a dog.

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Same answer as this question:

“Playing music has always eased my stress. With the family, that’s not always possible, so I always keep some “tinker” project going in my workshop, or I do some kind of work in the garden or yard”

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go to

sometimes you can find entertaining stuff on there and it keeps you occupied.

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Fluther, sex, cleaning… all great suggestions. I wish i could engage in the second one but i won’t get to see my fiancee for another week.

Cleaning my room and fluthering right now.

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Meet a new person, do new stuff with (or to) each other. Depends.

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