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I'm about to get a new car...suggestions?

Asked by rawpixels (2655points) May 28th, 2009

I’ve always had pretty expensive cars, but I’m now looking for something cheaper. I’m interested in either a VW GLI or a Mini Cooper S. If anyone has any comments about either or another car in that range, I’d love to hear it.

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Get a pimp 2001 lincoln towncar!

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Comparable to the VW and Mini you are looking at you should also check out the Volvo C30 – that’s the one I’m looking at.

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I would personally stay away from the mini unless you live in a city only environment. They lack a lot of storage space, and aren’t very good with inclement weather. Otherwise they’re great little cars.

I don’t know much about the VW though.

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My wife test-drove a Mini and was crazy about it. We wound up with a Mazda 3, but that was before they came out with the Clubman, which would have been a more practical car for us with our 4-year-old daughter. We like the Maz, but the lack of practicality was the only reason she didn’t buy the Mini, which is a hoot to drive.

Veedubs have never impressed me. They suffered from reliability problems for a long time, and they’re underpowered compared to the cars they compete with. Although they’ve gotten better, I still can’t think of anything in their lineup that would qualify as best in class; there are better offerings from Honda, Toyota, and Mazda, unless you’re stuck on a Nouveau Beetle. It’s got a holder for a flower vase, you know.

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I just took a look at the Volvo C30 on their website. Nice car, but I don’t like the way the back of it looks at all. Volvos are great cars, though.

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Thanks. I do live in a city (NYC) and I really don’t need lots of room, so I may just check them out in person and take one for a drive.

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Oh By the way.. Don’t get the mini.. it is slower then.. well.. pretty slow, even the cooper version.
Get the Golf then…. or better yet, a pimp Lincoln Towncar :)

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I’m not getting a Lincoln Town Car :)

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a few years ago we were on our way to go out and buy a mini cooper. It is a second car that we leave at the airport so we will have a car when we fly in.
We decided to stop at the VW dealer and check it out on the way. We found a great little VW bug Turbo S. I don’t know if they still make them but they have the porsche 6 speed gear box and are fully loaded. We bought it with about 1000 miles on it so we got a great price too. We have never regreted not getting the mini cooper.

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I should add that one of the reasons we didn’t get the mini is because all BMW dealers can’t service them. You have to go to a mini dealer, and it was 100 miles to the nearest one.

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Thanks for the info. :)

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@desmodus , the engines available on a Mini are,

1.6-liter 4 (118 hp)
1.6-liter 4 turbo (172 hp)
1.6-liter 4 turbo (208 hp)

Agreed, the base engine belongs in a wind-up toy, but the two turbos propel the little car just fine. Consumer Reports tested the 172 hp version, 0–60 in 7.2 seconds. Considering how their test drivers baby the clutch, a more aggressive launch would get it into the 6s. That’s not too shabby, and the 208 hp model will move off the line a lot quicker.

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My daughter loves her New Beetle. It’s a zippy little thing (and does indeed have the flower vase), has a fun sun roof, and a surprisingly roomy trunk (with the ability to fold down the back seats for even more storage). It has been quite reliable, considering that it belongs to a high school student who refuses to even learn how to unlatch the hood. However, the local dealership service department sucks bilge water.

Whatever you buy make sure there is someone good locally to maintain it for you.

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@Darwin ; The Turbo S has a flower vase, but that car is so manly I thought they should call it a cigar holder.

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Biodiesel Smartcar!!!

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@Judi Stick a carnation in it instead of a daisy then.

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Get a Mazda 6, or a VW Passat CC.

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You might want to visit and take a look at the best and worst rated cars in the range of your interest. This site will give you factory/invoice prices as well as information on any rebates individual dealerships get from the factory for particular models which may translate to discounts for you.

as an aside, I wouldn’t buy from any of the brands mentioned in the thread so far but that’s just me.

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I got a brand new bright green Honda Element last year & I love it! It has lots of space & is very reliable.

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My family just bought a Mini Cooper Clubman S. I personally LOVE it. it’s so fun to drive and get’s good miles!

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Pontiac G8 GT

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I’ve had 3 VW Golfs since 1986, and had planned on buying the Eos a year ago. In the name of fairness, I test drove the Mini Cooper Convertible and a Mini Cooper S… I chose the Mini Cooper S 6-speed. I still recommend VWs, and at my next purchase, I am sure they will be top contenders.

Don’t let the numbers deceive you… the S is mad quick because it’s so light! I drove my ex-bf’s Make V GTI 6-speed several times, and I liked the feel of the Mini’s handling better. And I average 32 MPG (and I am an aggressive driver).

Test drive both and see what feels right for you.

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