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What is a good air spray that removes odor but doesn't cover it with scent?

Asked by wildpotato (15011points) May 28th, 2009

I have a friend crashing on my couch tomorrow, and the living room sometimes gets overflow smell from my cat closet (even though I scoop the box like 3x a day!). I know about Ozium, but I heard that that stuff also contains a perfumed overlay.

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When you find out let me know.

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i like using Ozium…there are the kinds with a perfume overlay, yes, but there’s also a non-scented one….i think.

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@Darwin Dang, I was counting on your knowledge! I will definitely let you know.

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The only thing that will remove the odor without covering it, is a thorough cleaning.

The best “covers” (in my experience) are like glade scented candles and baking soda (use the baking soda a few days prior cuz you will need to vacuum it up and wait a day or so for it’s own smell to go away).

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@westy81585 Hm, so there are no other sprays that do what Ozium does (it uses “glycolized action”, which I think means that it surrounds the molecules that cause odor with its own molecules or binds with them to change their structure or something like that)?

Oh I clean a lot in there. It’s just that each new cat in the household increases the stink exponentially. With 3 it is a constant battle. Baking soda works in the short term, but it seems like the little buggers just lay down a new layer of stink right after I vacuum it up.

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@wildpotatoTry having seven (or as we used to do, fourteen)

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Vodka and water in a spray bottle is an odorless version of febreeze – if you’re getting odor out of fabrics. As for your cat box – if it still smells with 3 scoops a day, try a different brand (I use the arm & hammer kind and visitors with allergies can’t tell I have cats!) or put arm & hammer in the box under your current litter brand.

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@wildpotato Glycol is a highly reactive diol, and it’s alcohol’s will bind to about anything. So yes basically, it’s reacting with all the smelly molecules you spray with it, and binding to their smell causing parts (theoretically, though since you can’t be sure what all you’ll spray it on, it’s by no means a panacea).

But yah, the only way to really TOTALLY get rid of the smell is a very thorough cleaning. With 3 cats that would probably include an industrial carpet cleaner.

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I want to know too. there’s nothing worse than ‘springtime lilac breeze’ smelling poop.

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I use this product that is made of pure orange. It does, of course, smell like orange, but it smells like real orange, becuase it is. It’s not like other air fresheners/deoderizers that leave a chemical smell behind. Might want to try it. It really wakes you up in the morning. Just don’t srpay it near your cat, the spray can irritate their eyes, and yours.

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By nature, no air spray will remove things from the air, they only add more to mask the smell. Only air filters actively remove particulates from the air. You could buy one and put it around the door area to gather the dust and particulates from the cat box. The problem is that they are more expensive than a spray bottle of chemicals, and are not guaranteed to take out all of the particulates, but mine certainly does a great job at cleaning up smoke smells.

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There are a lot of adverts here in the Netherlands about ‘Oust’. They say it doesn’t mask odor but actually removes it. We don’t have that spray at handy so I can’t look how it’s ‘globally known as’. :(

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Oh wait, it’s globally known as Oust:

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“Ruhof fecal odour eliminator” does a good job of getting rid of some disgusting smells.

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I would try one of the pet odor neutralizer formulas. They typically do not have a scent. I will say I love the scent of Ozium, though.

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For surfaces I use stuff like Nature’s Miracle and various other brands of what is basically the same thing.

Oust doesn’t seem to do much if anything in reference to the cat bathroom (yes, they have their own bathroom, complete with a sign on the door; but the dogs call it the “snack cupboard”).

If I want to mask air-born odors effectively without having an asthma attack I use California Scents Citrus, which is “100% pure & natural citrus.” It works well, but tends to make all the humans in the house hungry.

All of the Glade-type products give me asthma, hives and corneal edema. They do the same to one of the dogs.

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Tarnation! The best option at the store was Oust, but I am going to order all these other things online and try them one by one. Thanks for all the great suggestions everybody!

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I ended up with Ozium and an Ionic Breeze. The Ionic Breeze is awesome – odor is all but completely gone, and I am not as bothered by allergies. The Ozium is great for a stop-gap measure, and the original scent smells nice and a bit like citrus, not flowery or perfume-like at all.

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Thanks for everyones responses, but I am looking for a product that is odorless yet takes out all odors including cigarette smoke from fabric, and especially from collectables, vinyl dolls and their clothing, but household as well, without an after scent, wondered what ozium is made of, and does it have acetate as an ingredient thanks to all for all responses!

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ok, there is a website with a product named Vamoose! Fragrance Free it claims to remove everything, just google it, it is highly recommended, I just purchased a bottle, and will try it out, btw, I have 4 cats, and the right cat litter is very important

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