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Ladies, do you have this same thought process us guys have? ...

Asked by FrankHebusSmith (4316points) May 28th, 2009

So as I’m sitting here in a building waiting for a meeting with an adviser, I realize that I can’t help but check out every other girl that walks by. Even those that I only find slightly attractive, I’m like “feigning” attention to something that just happens to be in their directions and checking them out.

And I’ve realized, that I do this completely uncontrollably at this point. In particular, my eyes seem to catch girls that I find very attractive, before I even have a clear view of them. Like radar almost.

Now in talking with other guys I know we virtually all do this. So how about you ladies?

(Basically I want to know if there’s some girls checking me out as I walk by on a daily basis :) )

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No. Men are different.

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Every now and then I spot some male eye candy, but typically, no, women don’t do that. I think it has to do with testosterone or having a Y chromosome instead of a second X or not risking ending up pregnant for 9 months and a mom for the rest of our lives.

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I do the same thing. Don’t worry. It isn’t just men.

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I’m a woman and I have always checked out both sexes instinctively (the radar thing).

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I don’t, just on occaison. Though I do compare other women’s boobs to mine…

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Nope. Men are completely different. It’s ingrained in your being to check other girls out, cause that raises the odds of you being able to have sex with that girl and thus reproduce. Women have a completely different approach when it comes to reproduction, they want a man who will provide a stable household and good genes, thus women are much more pickier and are not prone to checking out men because there is no biological benefit for women to check out men.

This difference was highlighted in a university study done in 1978 by Russell Clark. He had students approach random members of the opposite sex on campus and ask if they would have sex with them back in a room. More than 3/4 of the guys said yes. Every girl said no.

It really is in your man genes to spread your seed. As such, I don’t fault men for checking out women. Nor would I fault women for checking out men, although not for the same reason.

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If there is a female in eye range, any age, I gawk at her and wonder what she looks like naked, how she must be in bed…among other thoughts…I do it constantly and it’s hard to control. I can control myself from acting on my thoughts but I can’t control my thoughts from doing their thinking…It sucks really lol. Interesting reply DD…as a matter of fact I wonder what you all look like haha

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Why do my looks have anything to do with my message?

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I was going to say almost the same thing as @hungryhungryhortence – I check out both sexes. But I do think men are very different than women. I think men mostly do it because of their sexual nature, but for me, I determine a general level of attractiveness in people. Probably to compare myself with the women, and gauge my compatibility with the men. Something like that. It’s probably instinctual or something… maybe I’m trying to judge their character for my own safety, too. Good question!

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I don’t think men and women are all that different – just socialized differently – men grow up knowing they are entitled to gawk, they see it everywhere…women grow up gawked at and are more discreet with their own staring but it’s all the same…the more sexual of a person you are, the more you look…believe there are plenty of men and women who don’t stare and plenty that do

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So women, how do you feel about being checked out like this by every het guy you pass?

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In my experience, women check out other women more often than they check out men (mostly as a matter of comparison, like @hug_of_war says). Not that we don’t check out men, but the competitive thing is more prevalent.

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@daloon Since I accept it is primarily an uncontrollable thing, I don’t really have much of a feeling about it. I guess you could say I feel the same way as when someone sneezes.

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I check out men…you bet. Who says this is just a guy thing? And when they make eye contact with me, all the better.

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You know, I’m generally thinking about other things. I really just don’t pay that much attention to check others out. Sometimes, someone might catch my eye – but it’s fleeting, at most.

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@daloon: Why do you think we get all dressed up and spend so much time doing our hair and make-up? I’m not saying I’m the hottest thing around, but I do know that I may be getting checked out, so I want to give the boys something to check out. I really think we are all pretty much wired the same way, we just show it in different ways.

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@daloon I, on the other hand, don’t get dressed up or anything, am working in the community, with my baggy clothes and hoodies and I still get bothered every single time…just yesterday, this was the interaction…

creepy guy: hey, you’re beautiful, I’d like to get to know you, What’s your name?
me: Married
creepy guy: Mary? that’s a nice name (eyes glazed over)

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir : Good Lord. That’s sadly hilarious. Aren’t the clueless funny?

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I’ve found the “click, clack, clicketty, clack” sound of high heels to be irresistible. I have to look.
It’s like a mating call.

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@Les dude, lol, at 8 am in East NY, not much is funny

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@Lupin Interesting. I could substitute that comment with “cowboy boots”. Woof!

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Everyone is different. I check out the women. I find women to be nicer to look at than men, so I watch them. Not all the time, not constantly, but I’m way more likely to notice an attractive woman than any man.

Edited to add: @Les: Really? That’s why you spend time on your hair and makeup? To look nice for people you don’t even know? I do sometimes dress to impress people I don’t know, but only in an interview situation. Other than that, if I’m going to dress to impress, it’s my boyfriend or me. I couldn’t care less what JoeSchmoontheStreet thinks.

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@EmpressPixie : Sure, of course, that’s not the only reason. I do that stuff because I like the way I look after I do. I do it because if I don’t, I feel skuzzy, and no one likes to be skuzzy. All I’m saying is that of course I don’t care that anyone else notices me. I’d rather people see me at my best than when I am in sweats and old t-shirts. Sheesh. You’re making me sound like an airhead or something. I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t care that people look at me, becuase I know I look at them. But if people are going to be checking me out, rather look nice than look bad.
I also am single, so I guess in a way, everyone I meet could be someone I potentially had an interest in.

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I barely check guys out, but I’m not single either. Checking guys out just feels weird to me.

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@jbfletcherfan The sound is so attractive. But I’ve heard when worn “correctly” the heels never touch the ground.

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@Lupin As in Tinker Bell???

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I tend to check out everyone, male and female, unless I’m really preoccupied with some other kind of activity. But I wouldn’t describe it as a serious compulsion, just kindof a curiousity/habit.

However, when someone really catches my eye, sometimes it does feel like some sort of animal instinct. I can’t focus on much else.

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If random guys check me out I don’t care unless they say something rude or off-color.

However, my husband can check me out all he wants.

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NO we dont think the same way as guys do in all aspects, obviously… but if some guy walks by or into the room it is more than instinct just to check them out… =D

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I can detect a good-looking guy’s face at 100 yards. But I just glance, think, “He’s hot!” and then it’s back to what I was doing.

If you’re a woman, straight and bi men are going to look at you, and some of those men are going to be obnoxious. It simply has to be accepted. You can’t control people looking at you or finding you attractive, that’s just neurotic. But I don’t make any special effort to get male attention, either.

As long as you know what your boundaries are, then there’s really no problem, is there? I don’t feel flattered or repulsed at this point by being checked out. Teen boys and adult men have made it clear they’ve been doing this since I was 10–11 years old.::shrugs::

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@daloon personally, i don’t mind being checked out. some days it gets annoying but others it’s part of life-get over it.
but most women are totally different. and i say most because there must be ONE woman out there that does it, but i don’t know her. we occasionally check somebody out. and i say somebody because you never know if it’s a woman or a man with me. but then again, i think i’m a little different than most, i think i do peep more often than other women. i’m a little bit of a horn dog.

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I check everyone out, male and female. Even if I don’t find them attractive, I’ll still look at them.

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@daloon : Back when I was the shit, I used to love getting looked at. Now, I’m like, “Stop looking at my c-section shelf and boob flaps!”

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@ubersiren the c-section part makes you no less beautiful. but the boob flap thing is absolutely absurd and hilarious! omigod!

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I check guys out all the time. I don’t like stare at them, but every now and then someone who has a striking appearance will come along and I will have to check them out.

I’m a gay guy. And I suppose despite the fact that I’m gay, I still have that “guy” part of me that likes to check people out automatically.

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I think females just tend to be more worth checking out. (Unlike peacocks, human females are typically the sex with the more decorative appearance.) Even as a heterosexual lady, I find my head turning to look at women much more frequently than I catch myself checking out a man.

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funny i also compare other womens body to mine
anyway to the question
why wouldn’t we?
that’s why we have eyes!

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Oh my goodness, I’m kind of ashamed after reading this. I feel like such a guy right now. I’m ALWAYS checking guys out! Why not? If y’all are gonna think of us like pieces of meat, why not return the gesture. My friends and I will be walking and talking and then all of a sudden, a guy walks by and all conversation stops. I guess the people I hang out with are the same way, but we comment on almost every single guy we pass. I get embarrassed sometimes though b/c I’ll look over my shoulder at a guy that’s passing (I love a guy with a great ass!) and realize that he’s doing the same. I don’t go as far as thinking about them naked or what they would be like in bed, as one mentioned above, but I do check guys out frequently. To answer your question, yes, there are most likely girls checking you out throughout the day, most girls (excluding myself) are just more discreet than you guys.

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This reminds me. Sometimes I’m driving along with my best friend (who is gay) and he’ll yell out, “check out that guy over there with the armpits,” and I’ll look over there, and I’ll have no idea who he’s talking about. Armpits? Everyone has armpits. What’s so special about that?

Meanwhile, I’m checking out the women, but I don’t bother to call his attention to any of them, because I’m sure it’ll all be lost on him. It’s kind of funny. Like no one really has a clue as to anyone else’s taste. Or maybe I’m the only clueless one :-(

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@daloon Maybe he likes the smell?

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I people watch, so I stare at everyone all the time. Yes, I check men out, in the typical sense of the words, but I don’t think I do it the same way that a lot of men do. That is, I won’t automatically think of screwing a guy just because I think he’s hot. I check women out also, but most of the time I think something, “God, I want her hair” or “That’s a really pretty dress”... etc.

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I check out men and women, even though I only like guys. It’s very instinctual.

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:) i definately to this. and i know exactly what you mean by radar. mine definately goes off like crazy at rodeos. but yes, even while with my boyfriend i check out every guy i see. and (i’ll admit it) some of the girls. i used to have a boyfriend that would talk to me about the girls so i didn’t feel weird about it. :S

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absolutely! i check out everybody. i’m a girl, and i’m only attracted to guys, but i take a second glance at almost everyone that walks past. why not?
i naturally really like people watching, so i guess that’s part of it.
plus, the person you see walk past that you don’t think is attractive, may be attractive with a second or third glance. haha.

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I don’t think I’m all that bad looking, but I don’t notice too many guys paying attention to me. I don’t want people bugging me, but a little attention would be fun once in a while!

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@answerjill We’re way better at hiding the fact we’re checking you out, than you know. We’re like super spies…. on the hunt for boobies…........

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Westy, ha ha, thanks for the tip!

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You know, I’ve thought about this a little more, and remembering the “olden days,” when I was single, I have to admit that my “Guy-dar” was always on and tuned then. Not so much now that I am married to the best catch my Guy-dar ever spotted :-)

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