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How do you know a girl likes you?

Asked by asg7834 (3points) May 28th, 2009
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it’s in her eyes

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Does she speak to you?
Does she smile at you?
Does she keep the conversation going when you talk to her?
Will she give you her phone number?
Will she let you walk her home from school?
If you answer yes to these questions BINGO I thinks she likes you.

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You ask her “Do you like me?”.

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She doesn’t laugh when I ask her for a date.

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She leaves the pepper spray at home when you go out. It must be love.

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@evolverevolve That pepper spray is quite tricky.

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even though @Gambit may be right, its not necessarily true. I think if she accepts you for who your are and enjoys your company hangin out.. then you can assume she does. Confirm it by askin if you think so though.

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aww i love this question, its so cute. to tell you the truth, all girls will act differently around you, whether they like you or not. of course not warranting having to use pepper spray is one thing, but do you ever find her just looking at you from across the room? Or smiles when she talks to you?

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She sets a mantrap just for you.

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I think that when she likes you is when you can make her laugh or smile, you now what they say girls like a man with a sense of humor!

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One subtle clue is if she touches her hair when she talks to you.

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Also, if she touches you casually while talking to you (e.g. putting her hand on your arm).

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she will always, always, say hi to you when she sees you. she will look at you a lot. she will stutter and get nervous every now and then. When you talk, she will look into your eyes or down at her feet. trust me, i know.

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send her a note saying
i love you
and at the back (bottom left) at that paper
in very small words write….
this way if she say’s no then you can tell her to turn the paper over and read the (j/k)
so you won’t look like a complete idiot

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@cyndihugs That is not a good idea, a crush is nothing like love. That word should be used sparingly.

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(i love you) for
i like you?
or i have a crush on you
or do you want to go out?

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are you sure you’re in the right site/web/page?

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funny that’s how i act around my “love”

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what does this have to do with
the question being asked?
i’m a little bit lost here!

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@Judi I don’t trust that hair touching thing. I see women doing it all the time—with men, women, and while alone. I think it’s vastly overrated.

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that’s actually how i act when i’m talking to “my love”

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@cyndihugs And never any other time? Watch yourself one day, and try to notice when you do it. It should be interesting.

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no literally
i know i do it when i’m next to him
i actually do it because i know my hair smells really nice
so the scent would get to him

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@cyndihugs Interesting. About the scent thing. All I’m saying is that I doubt he is the only one you do that with, or that you don’t do it alone sometimes. So I proposed a test of this hypothesis.

And of course, on the macro level, you’re only one case out of gazillions.

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i’ll check that out!

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@cyndihugs: i know what you mean

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