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Would you like to join me in congratulating the newest members of the 10K club?

Asked by cookieman (40294points) May 28th, 2009 from iPhone

dynamicduo, cwilbur and Syz have each earned the coveted ten thousand lurve!

Show ‘em some lurve!!!!

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hey cool. yay.

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what happens now?
congrants, btw

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Wunderbar! Wonder bra! ПРЕКРАСНЫЙ!

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir: We spend a thread partying.

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Congrats @dynamicduo!

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Congrats! We lurve you!!!

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ha ha, see it is a social site, afterall


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Yay! Canada is very proud.

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Congrats, batman!!

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Good for you. Just don’t go away like pretty much everyone does when they reach 10k lurve.

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@tinyfaery: do you think this is a trend? I haven’t seen Marina in forever. Who else over 10K has dropped out of site?

Yeah, no disappearing into the bat cave there DD.

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darn it, i hate when I get all crazy with lurve and give it out when it’s not deserved!<not directed to whom this thread is about lol


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Congratulations on joining Club 10k. Be prepared. It will change your life.

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Thanks a lot everyone :)

I’d like to take some time to also shine the 10k spotlight on @cwilbur who silently “beat” me to 10k by a day or so. Congrats to him as well!

@cprevite, love the names! And I am forever preserved in the form of a tag. I feel touched!

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Holy Carp – we missed @cwilbur. This must be rectified.

and yes @dynamicduo, that was me touching you ;^)

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Congratulations and nice work!

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Congratulations Double D!

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Way to go! Hot damn!! :-)

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Great going, DD! Well earned. Congratulations.

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W000000000T You go, yaaaaay, confetti parade!

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Congrats DD!

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Cake! We need cake for this celebration!

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Congrats to Syz, and cwilbur! Wahoo to all three of you!

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Congratulations to Syz also, I wasn’t ignoring you, the question was edited after my response.

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Syz & cwilbur, glad to see you added to the club. :)

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Congratulations!!!!!!! to all the new 10k’s! this question keeps getting edited so i woun’t name manes… much lurve to you all.

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Ooot!ooot! ::blows disco whistle:: Ooot!ooot!

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Congrats to Syz, Cwilbur and DynamicDuo!

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Congrats to all you special ones! We lurve you!

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‘bout time y’all got there! What’s with the procrastinating?!?


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I had just noticed cwilbur’s and was gonna make a thread, but decided I’d better search for one before making one… and VOILA! this was here. :D

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oops, I’m late
Congrats to all of you!

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@fireside: better late than never.

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