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How can I bake my dogs vitamins into his treats?

Asked by Clair (3817points) May 28th, 2009

I give my puppy a multi-vitamin everyday but i have to crush it because he doesn’t want to chew it. I’ve started baking him treats because I did my homework and realized all the crap in store dog food and treats are crap and bad for him. so i’m kinda new at this. should i just use a little less dry ingredient + crushed vitamins? should i put it in a glaze? will it cook out the nutrients if i bake it? has anybody had experience with this type of thing?

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vitamins are destroyed by heat (as well as light and exposure to air, but that takes longer). this is not going to work.

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When giving my dog his vitamin I usually wrap it in a slice of ham or turkey lunch meat. Seems to work well enough….

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I would wager to say that the stability of the vitamins would be compromised by the high temps in your oven.

It sounds like you’re already giving your pup some extra kinder, gentler and more nutritious food? If you feel you must still give him a pill supplement, how about covering it with a dallop of peanut butter?

some other suggestions that come to mind:

My older dog, Tilly, gets 2 pills daily. I cover the top of the pill with a dallop of Nabisco® easy cheese the kind that comes in a can and so far that has worked out.

Toy makers Kong make a stuffing you can use inside their toys that might serve the same purpose as the easy cheese.

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You can also hide a pill in some yogurt or a small slice of cheese.

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Or, just open his mouth and stick it down with your finger like everyone else.
He’s a dog. He’ll forgot it in about a minute.

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With an oven, of course.

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@asmonet – Thats sad, but true ^_^

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I put the tablet in a dab of peanut butter put it in their mouth with a spoon then (and this part is important) immediately dab a bit of peanut butter on the nose.

The nose dab distracts and they immediately swallow the peanut butter coated tablet so they can lick off their nose.

- Edited for clarity -

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Its not a coated pill. Its a tablet.

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Stuff the pill inside a piece of hot dog, never met a dog who could refuse a hot dog!!!

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My dogs look forward to taking their pills because I wrap a bit of Velveeta around them. Never, ever a problem with dog pills at our house. You don’t even need to dab anything on anyone’s nose.

Peanut butter, Cheez Whiz, and cheese-in-a-can all work fine, as do leftover meatballs.

You can still bake him treats, just don’t put the vitamins in the treats until after they have cooled down. Have you considered treats shaped like the “Pill Pockets” I have seen at PetsMart?

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You only need the peanut butter/cheese the first few times. We started out by rattling the pill bottle and giving him a pill with the treat on it, and now when he hears the rattling bottle he jumps and begs for the pill, straight out of the bottle.

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Unless your vet is recommending it for a specific condition, it is unwise to give dogs supplemental vitamins and (especially) minerals. An oversupply of calcium, for example, can lead to joint disorders in fast-growing breeds.

I feed my dogs a raw diet rich in nutrients. You might want to look into that. There are also a great variety of natural kibbles that don’t contain the fillers and artificial ingredients of store-bought kibble. Then you don’t have to worry about your pal getting enough vitamins!

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@crisw – another thing we agree on, I really don’t think dogs need vitamin supplements if they are on a good diet. Mine are fed semi-barf too and the oldies are 12 and still going good, although the akita is getting weak in the rear so he does get Sasha’s Blend everyday and somedays an asprin if he seems achy.

I think a lot of vets recommend vits because they sell them – minor conflict of interest there!

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just wrap it in cheese and give it to him.

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@crisw i started giving him the supplements because he kept getting an upset stomach and throwing up all the random junk he ate. i realized that in addition to the random stuff, he had unhealthy food. so i switched his food to blue buffalo and am thinking of taking him off the vitamins. he’s really changed since i switched the food.
i tried the lunch meat thing and that didn’t work so good since he has a small mouth. he just left the crunched up vitamin in the floor and ate the shit outta the meat.
thanks everyone!

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Blue Buffalo is good food. You won’t regret the change.

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as many others have said cheese, processed meat are good hiding places for pills, my dogis so chuffed he is getting a meat treat he doesn’t realise there is a pill inside!!

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I give my dog a teaspoon of beneful moist and stick her pill in it, she thinks she is getting a treat.

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PS. I only gave a dog pills once; I was babysitting it after a car accient. I had to haul this 90 lb immobilized German Shepard out in the snow to pee and also administer large antibiotics. Whatever it took, was my credo.

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