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If I want a job at subway would applying at both of them in my area be a good or bad thing?

Asked by music_03 (70points) May 28th, 2009

If there owned buy the same people would I have a less chance of getting the job in any way?

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Good thing. It shows enthusiasm.

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Are they owned by the same franchisee? That might make it confusing. I suggest one at a time.

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that way you get more chances at getting the job!

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It’s Subway. You’ll be okay.

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That’s a great idea. Even if they are owned by the same person, you will have a better chance.

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First, I don’t know why you want to work at subway unless you really like subs. But yea, apply to both, it will show them that you really want the job if the same people own it. If anything that will increase your chance of getting a job. Also, hand in your application directly to a manager and introduce yourself, wear something halfway decent, don’t go in there with a zeppelin t-shirt and cargo shorts. They will be impressed and you will get the job. Nuff said.

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@evolverevolve I wouldn’t recommend that anyone work for a food place if they like the food. A few days of constant exposure even turns off a love of chocolate, and most workers at fast food places get over eating it real fast.

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Someone WANTS a job at Subway??

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@galileogirl I take it you have never been so desparate you would take anything just to help pay your daily living expenses. It is a great job for people who are in college, or trying to make a little extra money. It’s certainly better than working in a cigarette store or many other jobs I can think of.

Besides, I like subway. Their sandwiches are very tasty.

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Well @YARNLADY, you are wrong. I had my share of minimum wage jobs. I might have NEEDED them to survive, but I never WANTED them. The best thing I got out of that kind of work was the impetus to get a college degree so I wouldn’t have to do it the rest of my life.

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@galileogirl I didn’t say taking a minimum wage job, I specifically said desperate enough to ‘want’ any job, no matter what. It’s probably just semantics, but personally, I’ve always been happy to get any kind of work I could, rather than starve. To my way of thinking,what’s the point of working at a job if you don’t want to?

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@galileogirl…Do you finally see now where being a smart aleck will get you in trouble?

Fluther is not a playground for jokesters.

who just coughed the word ironic?!?

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If owned by the same person then they will likely think you are interested in working for them an not just for subway. Maybe if they interview you, you can exaggerate and say you heard they were good to work for.

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@music_03 So, what happened? Did you get the job? I just read that Subway is one of the fastest growing companies in the country. Maybe you could work your way up and become a store manager.

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