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In gardening, what do they mean by water evenly?

Asked by Awooble (61points) May 28th, 2009

I’m planting a flower garden and half the plants require watering evenly….couldn’t that mean anything so long as it’s “even”?

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It means not to dump all the water on them put an even layer of water

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Equal distribution of water over an area.

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It means to saturate the soil thoroughly but slowly enough for the water to flow through the root system, without flooding the plants.

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Thanks….so this isn’t in reference to how often, but just how?

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When the water stops sinking down in the soil its time to stop. When a pool of water starts forming on the top of the soil around your flower or crop you are literally drowning the plant. I have started my little garden. I’m a man so I call myself a farmer so my friends don’t think I’m gay though not that there’s anything wrong with that…Also when you see leaves start to get brown its time to water, make sure its not a straight stream of water but a shower over the whole plant.

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it simply means just what it says. water “across” plant or flower life and do not dredge with water as to become flooded or overwhelmed. give same dosage to all plants. probably best achieved with a sieved or slotted water spout. when soil is wet on the surface, plants have been watered evenly.

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@evolverevolve if being a gardener means people see you as gay, then all those Master Gardeners I know that are men will be surprised. You can only be a farmer in the US if you use a $250,000 combine to harvest in the Fall and have at least 100 acres to till.

Watering is down best at ground level; over the tops of the plant can spread diseases and should be avoided, unless you water early in the morning, giving the plant time to dry its leaves the rest of the day. You should know when to water not by leaves turning brown, which could be caused by anything, but by poking your finger down into the dirt near the plant. If you feel moisture an inch or two down, the plant is fine. Keeping your plants mulched lessens the amount of waterintg they need, and keeps the weeds down. By the time the leaves turn brown, or begin to wilt, it might be too late. Some plants are very sensitive to under-watering.

I’m a man, I’ve been gardening for decades. In fact, I’m going for my Master Gardener certification soon, and digging in the dirt didn’t make me gay. Your friends are idiots.

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My FIL gardened until the age of 93 and still had an eye for the ladies. My husband started gardening when he was a little boy and only stopped as an adult because of disability, and he definitely is not gay.

Why would gardening make someone gay? It’s hard work!

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