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In what decade was the most mentally handicapped children born?

Asked by TheTips2 (61points) May 28th, 2009

People say the 60’s were the hippie days, but don’t they say that maarijuana effects your sperm(because it’s a drug)? I’m not a pot head or anything, i just want to know because were learning the 60’s decade in my class.

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The 1320’s.

sperm was just stupid back then

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I recently read where sperm quality is directly related to size of baby, IQ etc. It now appears men also have a biological clock and that alcohol, smoking and drugs should be avoided when trying to have a baby.

But I never heard that there was a particular period of time when this was more prevalent. Seems as if drug usage is increasing each year so if one were to follow your line of thought, this would be on the increase annually also.

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