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Best medicine for itches?

Asked by swtsally (131points) May 28th, 2009

what’s the best medicine to stop itching due to bug bites?

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Toothpaste. No, seriously. But if you don’t itch them, they go away in five minutes.

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Dont scratch it

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Don’t scratch, wear mittens, and put some cortizone on it

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You can put ice on the bug bite to numb it. Cortizone cream or ointment will also help reduce the reaction.

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Don’t listen to @eponymoushipster. Put some calamine lotion (the pink stuff) on it or take a Benadryl.

Bad, Bucky.

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Mix a paste of water and non-seasoned meat tenderizer. Apply to the bite for about 30 minutes. This works like magic. I just used it last week for a spider bite.

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AfterBite is great stuff. Corticosteroid cream should also do the trick for a little itch. Lanacane with 20% benzocaine is very powerful, and you can buy it over-the-counter. If you are suffering badly, go to a dermatologist and request a prescription-strength topical steroid like Triamcinolone (2nd level) or Clobetasol (most powerful topical steroid they make).

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The mozzies and midges are terrible where I live so we mix up a bottle of tea tree oil into some sort of lotion (vaseline intensive care or whatever) then add a little antiseptic. We use it as a repellant and it stops the itching after a bite as well.

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Rub some Benadryl itch-stopping cream on it and the surrounding area.

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@Allie but it feels sooo gooood.

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Aspirin tablets wet under water, made into a paste and smeared on the bites.

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i’m gonna try the toothapaste thing. but at the moment i use hydrocortizone cream like it’s going out of style. i’m allergic to silver and lots of detergents and have new rash everyday. i use it like lotion. it’s good for razor burn too.

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