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How to remove a question from Fluther?

Asked by krypin (41points) December 24th, 2007
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Currently, there is no way to remove a question (unless a Fluther moderator removes it for inappropriate content). Is this a feature you’d like to see? Why?

Our thinking is Fluther is an open forum so the information shared here should be archived and available to everyone.

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I think there needs to be a mechanism for removing your own postings, Q or A, as well as some means for flagging postings by others that are obviously wrong or otherwise offensive or unacceptable.

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@chasrob: There is already a flagging mechanism for both questions and answers. Just click “Flag as abuse”.

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I think a distinction between incorrect and abuse would be useful. Also, I’m not seeing the flag as abuse function in the iPhone interface. Is it in there somewhere?

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An option to detach questions from your profile would be helpfull. It’s not hard to imagine leaving a question like “what’s the side effect of taking too much coke?”

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@chaosrob: the flagging function is hidden on the iphone version to keep the interface simple. We may reconsider this, as we’re planning to revamp the iphone version pretty soon.

@krypin: good point. We’re definitely thinking about ways to allow anonymous questions.

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