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Is being on Earth a punishment for something we did in heaven?

Asked by FreddieMack (94points) May 28th, 2009

Is being on Earth a punishment for something we did in heaven? Could it be possible that when you do something wrong in heaven, that you are sent on Earth and you are completely reborn into a world of punishment and suffering? Think about what goes on in the world. War, depression, anxiety, death, loss of loved ones, growing up. Not to mention all of the disasters that happen like tsunami’s, hurricanes, and natual diasters that ruin people’s homes. When we are born though, it is like amnesia. We are born with a completely different mind and we are put into shoes that fit us. Now I know you’re saying, what about celebrities who are rich and famous? Yes they are rich and famous, but they have to deal with the media. The media is hard to handle when you are famous. Being on Earth is nothing other than a prison sentence for something that you did in heaven. Heaven has been around since the beginning of time so so whatever wrong deed you did in heaven, you get sent to Earth. This is just a though but I would like to know what you think.

“God gave you them shoes to fit YOU.”

-Marshal Mathers

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Probably not.

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Well, the Scientologists think it is because we did something bad in Galactic Central. Same difference? Or not.

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I am a skeptic only so far as I can judge things as being normal to the way I think I perceive the world. For all I know I am a spider in a pale of mud dreaming of Fluther and Earth and Pickups and Marijuana. The world is totally unknowable, and no possibility of reality can ever be ruled out. Still, this is not a cause to suspect that any one explication is correct. It’s totally possible, but so are a million trillion other theories.

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for the love of Jesus Christ!
if it were true
can somebody please tell me
what the hell did i do in heaven to be here?
anyone here remembers me from heaven?

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@FreddieMack Welcome to Fluther

@petethepothead- totally yes.

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I said that you get amnesia when you are born. So anyone who is here would not know you or who you were when you are in heaven.

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I’m no bible expert, but I think you go to heaven after you die.

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very interesting point. What the hell did we all do to serve on Earth? perhaps we have a purpose to fulfill.. dunno. But I do believe we are here, do and act however we do and meet certain ppl in life for SOME reason. God only knows.

ps. I love eminem’s “beautiful” song!

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In other words, this is hell? You wouldn’t be the first to say so.

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i knew this was hell
since i was born
i saw a creepy creature spanking me on the ass
so far
i’m guessing heaven would be when you see the light…

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If it is hell then why beauty? Why the moon and stars? Why the sun and sea?
Above all else if we were in hell surely there would be no beer!

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I don’t think so…. i’m having way too much fun

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Nope. This world is all there is; make the best of it while you are here.

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Since there isn’t any absolute, undeniable proof that Heaven exists (none that I’ve seen yet anyway), I’m not sure that being on earth is a punishment for anything. I suppose it could be construed as a punishment by those that are so unhappy and unsatisfied with their existence that they can’t define their lives as being anything other than a punishment.

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Among all the pain and misery, there is beauty, nature, human kindness. Try and find some of that so you don’t feel like this is all punishment.

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Yea. You look up at the stars. They’re above you. You can’t touch them. I’m not saying Earth is hell, I’m just saying its between heaven and hell. It’s like a time out from heaven.

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have you even read the Bible, or do you just smoke rock and dream stuff up? Because if you did the former, you wouldn’t need to ask this question.

turn off 700 club, sonny jim.

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Not that I believe any of the following crap, but several years ago, an acquaintance who claimed to be psychic and in tune with the spiritual whatever, told me that a person is destined to be reincarnated to a new life on earth over and over again until they “got it right.” Once that occurred, one would not return to earth but would instead move on to bigger and better things in service to “God” and answering directly to him/her/it. Let me make it very clear that I did not pay for this service, but was told that I, wtf, actually successfully “got it right” this lifetime, would not return to earth and would be assigned by “God” to direct the construction of a great city in another world. Yeah right. If my fluckin’ rollercoaster of a life, that has generally been good, but at times, quite wild, never close to drug-free and has been hit with some pretty big doses of tragedy and betrayal is an indication of “getting it right”, then I would say you folks have nothing to worry about. On your way out, kiss this earth farewell for the final time and meet me at the Architect and Engineers Guild meeting hall…..we are going someplace that no one has ever been before and we’re going to build cities! Hey, who has that joint? wtf

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No. There is simply no proof for heaven whatsoever.

Would you believe me if I told you there was an invisible teapot circling the Earth that no scientific instrument could pick up? Any logical person would not believe me, as I have no proof to support my claim. The same is for those who claim of a heaven or a hell.

I mean, go right ahead and believe what you want to… but if you spend your life on Earth waiting for a life in Heaven, you may be very well disappointed when you die and stop existing.

I am of the opinion that there is only one life for us, this life right here on Earth. That really is the most simple explanation in my mind. One body, one life, one existence.

I’ve crafted my shoes with my own two hands, my sweat, my tears. God played no part in that. It’s actually quite amazing, when I look back on my life and try to see any part where a god would have had any influence, I see none. All I see is the result of my hard work, smarts, and dedication.

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@cyndihugs I remember you very well kiddo, and if you can’t remember what evil you perpetrated on the Front Lawn of God’s House, then why should we tell you? Suffer for your sins, you evil, horrible, nasty person, you.

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If you would go to heaven you wouldn’t be able to sin there, because only your spirit would be there not your human flesh so you wouldn’t have temptation or be able to sin

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-Nobody knows why we’re here
-Nobody knows if there’s a God
-Nobody knows if there’s a greater purpose for human life
-Nobody knows what happens when you die, aside from decomposing

Anyone who claims to know is lying.

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adam and eve ate the apple.

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This idea isn’t totally indifferent from the Buddhist (Tibetan tradition, I believe) of the Six Realms of Existence, regarding Samsara.

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Ok, let’s see. Wearing white all the time. Hearing hossanas sung all the time. No sex. Only perfection.

And you think Earth is hell??????

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@daloon those are called the nice moments in hell…

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Believe what you will, but you’ll never drag me into one of the ultra hypocratic whore mongering churches because the way i see it you get one shot at life. There is no reward nor punishment. Life is just life. That’s why we have death penalties. You screw up here and it’s over, period. Otherwise we would be deferring judgment to “gawd”, but since we don’t we have shithole prisons on earth.

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@mram50….Welcome to fluther and make yourself comfortable. You will find your view is not unpopular here. Live, laugh and lurve. See you around…wtf (my friends call me wtf…feel free to do the same).

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—Ok, I’m just having a wonderful time imagining what hypocratic [sic] whore-mongering churches would be like.

What would Hippocrates have to say about it? Would he be hypocritical about it?

If I took a hypocratic oath, would people stop believing me, or would they ask for medical advice? If I gave them medical advice, would they do exactly the opposite?

Ah, possibilities….

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Life on earth can be punishment, or reward. Yes you may have had other lives where you sinned before earth life. Your amnesia is part of the punishment. While on earth you are constantly being held accountable for your actions. Earth is like a prison for souls of god, so much pain, but there is joy and love as well!

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