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What does it mean when a man winks at a woman?

Asked by jca (36054points) May 29th, 2009

yesterday i was having a conversation with a former coworker, male, i’m a female. it was only job related, nothing sexual. we are just friends. it was a very nice conversation, mainly discussing the job we used to both have and how we are happier now. he was in his car and i was standing on the street. he had pulled up when he saw me. when the conversation was over and we said our goodbyes, he winked at me.

i have been winked at by men before. i know (or i think i know) this can be sexual. is it always sexual?

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no, when ever i wink at a female it may just indicate an interest in dating. i mean, sometimes used as to emphasize a sexual innuendo in a joking manor.

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Perhaps he has a nervous tic. ;)

I use the wink to denote a joke.

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I wound interpret it as a friendly gesture with a hint of flirting that may or may not actually be there.

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I use it to denote an inside joke or sarcasm when speaking with other male coworkers. Isn’t that why they invented the ;-) or the ~?
I know this sounds sexist but I have never winked at a female coworker lest the meaning be misconstrued.

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Winking can also mean: I’m joking.

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When I wink at a woman, it means that she’s definitely worth winking toward. Flirtatious, sexual, funny, intimate, suggestive, innocent, playful – it’s whatever I want it to be. Half the fun is for the ‘winkee’ to try and figure out what the ‘winker’ is thinking.

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@Bluefreedom winkee winker! HA. lurve.
though this has nothing to do with the question, as a woman, i want a wink to be flirtatious. winks are sexy for some reason. it’s like “i saw this in an old movie once and i’m classy enough to do it too. do me.” LOL. something like that.

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He probably likes you. Id wink too.

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It’s saying something, without words. If he had a smile on his face while he did it, said nothing else and kept eye contact with you, he was definitely flirting.

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Absolutely NOT! My poor brother had a habit of winking when he talked. (heck, he winked at me!) It was part of his charm. He married a very jealous woman who couldn’t stand it. You could almost see his spirit drain holding back his wink. It was sad.

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Could be more of a friendly flirt, not a sexual flirt. Anyway, I wouldn’t read too much into it, but that’s just me. I generally don’t look too deep into those situations.

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It happens that guys wink at me too. My brother used to do that. It’s very ambiguous.

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When a man winks at a woman, it either means “You are in on the joke” or it’s flirty.
When a woman winks at a man, regards of what she means, the man believes it means “I want sex with you now!”

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Winking is just “body language” emphasis. It depends on what was being said or done.

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Beside having a neurological disorder. It is a flirt. A very corny and safe flirt.

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I know winks are flirtatious sign, but my problem is women are the ones winking at me and it disturbs me!

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I need feedback from anyone. I was sitting at the cafe of the museum where I occassionally cater. The GM walks by and winks and smiles at me. I am so confused because from my experience when a guy winks at a girl, it does not mean anything serious. He seems to be a gentlemen and is handsome. What do you think?

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When women do it. They are being dorks. ;-)

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My old boss used to wink at me sometimes, and so one day I gave it back to him. And then he went about his business.Was he in too me in some way or another? I thought that he was ok, but he needs to work on getting to me , and how to relate to me. But he is a married man. and i do not flirt with married men for to long. What should i have done in this situation/

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ask him if he has trash in his eyes.

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He likes you or checking you out happens to me alot

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@jca you ask these types of questions too?

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