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There's an animal in my room. What should I do?

Asked by elijah (8647points) May 29th, 2009 from iPhone

I was just woken up by my little dog whimpering and my cat scratching at the radiator. So I called the beagle into my room and he went insane trying to get under it. It took two of us to get the howling beagle out of my room. I looked with a flashlight and I think there is something fuzzy in there. It must be a mouse or something, how can I get it out without hurting it? I don’t want to get bit either. This has been going on for about a half hour now so I’m pretty sure if the animal had an option to leave on his own he would of by now.

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If it is a mouse and if you have a vacuum with a wide enough attachment, you may be able to extract the lil guy from underneath the radiator, keeping him safe from the dog until you can immediately take it outside. ? Just an idea…

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@jeray72 I think that the vacuum would just end up killing the mouse. I’d use a broomstick or something.

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Update: it’s a chipmunk. I still have no idea what to do.

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You mentioned “get it out without hurting it”. My Shop Vac is very strong and usually finishes off anything it sucks up. Maybe you have something smaller.
You can buy some small tilting box traps that keep the critter alive until you can safely release it. They sell them at Lowes and Home Depot and at yor neighborhood hardware store.
Remember, mice have a great homing instinct and will return from distances as great as 1900 feet. I quoted the study in earlier posts. You will have to release it far, far away.
Just saw your update. Chipmunks are BAAD. They reproduce like crazy and do damage. It will not go away unless you do something. Havahart 0745 or Victor Rat trap (sorry) .

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Get your cat and dog out of the room.
Get one of those left over containers or a medium size box, put some nuts in it, and watch and see, maybe it will come to snack than you can close it with a lid and release it outside afterward.

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I found the earlier post about this topic. Chipmunks in my roof Read my posts there.
I know they are cute but… I don’t mean to scare you but you might have them in your attic too.

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Oh my god, I would probably freak out and leave the dog and cat to do their job.

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You could get a humane animal trap. A lot of hardware stores carry them. It’s basically a cage with a trip door that will close them inside. You just put something yummy inside to lure them in and, bingo!

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You DO want to close your cat and dog in a bedroom or bathroom.

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leave it there
chipmunks are cool!
he probably lurves you

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Ooh…new pet. j/k But it could be.

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Ok operation chipmunk evacuation was successful. It wasn’t a full size chipmunk, but it wasn’t a tiny baby. Like a teen lol. I had to call someone to help. We opened up the radiator but not enough for him to run. We pulled him out gently with a towel and he didn’t even try to bite. We put him outside and he scampered off. I hope he is ok, im worried about him. Poor little guy :( My son left the garage door open all night so that might be how he got in. I will have someone check the attic to be sure though.

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Nice work!

I’m glad you did that method, instead of using a vacuum. I was going to write that vacuums kill small creatures in a really brutal way… very messy. Not good!

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