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Is hair loss on a short-haired puppy normal?

Asked by lotion (2points) December 24th, 2007

I have a small Manchester Terrier (essentially a miniature pincher) that is about 10 months old. Recently, I’ve noticed her hair thinning around her ears, top of her head, and legs. We live in a cold climate. Is this normal for a dog of her type / age? Is it seasonal? I’ve heard that short-haired dogs occasionally have I “thin” period when beginning to grow their adult coat… Is that so?

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It could be demodectic mange or sarcoptic mange. I would give a vet a call.

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Some small breeds will develope areas of alopecia but that usually occurs with age. I agree, hair loss in a puppy should be checked out. Sarcoptic mange is transmissable to humans.

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