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Where can i find a list of the books of the bible in chronological order?

Asked by penny398 (47points) May 29th, 2009
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If you mean the order in which they were written, here’s one version (there is a considerable amount of speculation and inference involved, and an ongoing debate about the actual order).

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get a bible!

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the books in the bible aren’t in chronological order.

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well it starts with
and then it finishes it up with
i think that’s chronological enough
the middle part still wouldn’t make sense anyway…

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While Harp is generally correct, the listing provided is wildly misleading. In brief, most of the Old Testament books were in a state of oral tradition until final or near final form was given to the various traditions known as the Jahwist Narrative, the Elohist, the Priestly Document, and the Deuteronomic Tradition. These in turn influenced the Prophetic and Wisdom literature. This final form occurred largely during the Babylonian Captivity while the Jews had little else to do besides sit by the waters of Babylon and weep. Final touches were made in the Hellenistic period. But, a chronological order? Almost a meaningless question for the Old Testament. The New Testament, however, has better dating, but authorship issues nag at the chronological aspects desired by the question. But Harp’s list is a good place to start. Better to content oneself regarding the OT as a mostly complete document by the time of the translation into Greek in the Septuagint (LXX) in the 3rd Century BC and the Masoretic Text (in Hebrew & Aramaic) in the early Middle Ages around the Mediterranean world. That’s why the term canon is more important than chronology. I hope this was helpful.

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