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If you were to wash ALL your clothing, how many washer-loads might it take?

Asked by LC_Beta (1883points) May 29th, 2009

I’ve just come home from an hour at the laundromat, and in the middle of the fold-and-hang process. I’ve got to say, I’m always amazed at the sheer volume of clothing I’ve accumulated.

Thing is, I’m constantly donating what I don’t want/wear anymore to charity. I buy almost 100% of my clothing used, so it’s not a money issue I’m thinking of. It’s just the volume of clothing that can be a nuisance (closet space, laundry duties, and, because I’m not always great about putting it away, the folded piles and dirty piles).

So, I ask the flutherverse: how much clothing do you have? Do you ever feel it’s too much? And what is your purging process?

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more than 10.

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i give all my unused clothes away too and also rarely buy anything new. although, i would have around ten loads in a decent size machine. (including winter coats, sweaters, scarves, etc)

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Exactly 3 full ones.

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I donate at least two or three trashbags full of clothes each year, but still have way too many clothes.
Just mine, and not my husbands or sons clothes? I could probably do 7 or 8 full loads.

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I wouldn’t want to find out, as all my suits would be ruined.

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I’m with Bob, half of my closet is suiting and dresses. The rest would probably make up 3 loads.

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When my kids were little and I didn’t have a washer and dryer I went to the laundry mat and did 16 loads once.

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Probably 15.

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I’m including the large capacity washers in my building for this count: 6.

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I think my count is somewhere around 4. Those of you with more, how much of that do you wear regularly? Do you keep something even if it doesn’t fit you anymore?

I definitely have a few things I’ve kept for 10 years or so – my favorite “little black dress” (that my S.O. refers to as my “trouble-making dress” and begs me to wear) is exactly 10 years old.

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My clothes? Probably 4.
My husband’s? About 5.
My daughter’s? 5 or 6 – for a three year old! (My mother-in-law has problems.)

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@Supacase: My numbers add up about the same for me and my wife. My daughter (6) has, easily 7–10 loads worth of clothes. Heaven forbid we miss a week or two laundry – holy twinkies.

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I hate laundry because it is NEVER done. Unless you do it naked…

All of my laundry could probably be done in one load. Two, if it was a very small washer.

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Everything: Probably two.

Everything that I actually wear on a regular to semi-regular basis: One, with room left over.

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Oh geez. Unfortunately I’m up in the 15–20 range. My work wardrobe and my casual wardrobe are two totally separate beasts.

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My husband and I have been known to have a $300–400 dry cleaning bill.

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Wash clothing? I don’t get it.

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I actually had to do this last year when I developed a mysterious skin condition. My own clothes took about four washer loads. If I were to include all the clothes in the house, it would easily triple.

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1 white load, and 1 dark load.

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Mine alone would probably take 4 (including crap I hardly ever wear), but add the husband and baby’s wardrobes and it would be never ending laundry for a week.

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