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What should be the etiquette to adding jellies to our fluthers now that we can see their responses to posts?

Asked by hungryhungryhortence (12138points) May 29th, 2009

I kind of liked this feature to be able to see what posts some of my favorite people might have found from the past or recent that I miss but I also really respect privacy so… should we send private comments and ask a person first if they mind being added to our own fluthers?

In order for no one to be freaked out, I have deleted anyone from my own fluther who hadn’t added me in return so there will be no worries about easy access nosiness

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Just try not to be stalkerish

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I may be wrong about this, but my understanding is that you will only be able to see someone’s collected answers if you’re in their fluther. Adding them to your fluther wouldn’t make their answers available.

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I thought they had to add you… and, yeah, what @Harp said.

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@Harp: ok, so let me get this right and I’ll use you as an example since I had added you but I wasn’t in yours… you could see my responses but I wouldn’t be able to see yours?

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Here’s the direct quote from the blog:
”...having your answers viewable only by people you’ve added to your fluther…”

So your example is right (except that I’m now adding you to my fluther)

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I can find all your answers easily anyway @hungryhungryhortence. I kind of wish they hadn’t bothered.

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@Harp: I read the blog but wasn’t sure if it meant those that were in my fluther or those that were in my fluther that had also added me or those who added me to theirs but them not in mine. I think I’ll go get my espresso now ;p
adds Harp back into fluther

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@oratio: hey, sorry to disappoint

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Why would anyone be secretive about their answers?

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I don’t think anything needs to change. The answers are out there, I am not really sure why people are getting worked up about it! There are ways for people to google and find all the answers, anyway. No big deal.

Why hide what you’ve said and why worry about other people reading what you’ve said. Unless, of course, you have a reason to worry about it – maybe misrepresentation. But then again, I don’t know too many hungryhungryhortence’s in the world!

The thing is, the stuff was out there for everyone to read, they’ve just moved it in a way where it is centralized. No big deal. Example – I’m not in Daloon’s Fluther, he’s not in mine, but I can google and find some of his answers or even search on here. He could do the same. It’s not hiden. It’s not secure….it’s the great wide web…’s out there!

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@cak: I think people are most afraid of misrepresentation like when one user cuts and pastes another’s response into a new comment but then twists the original intent of the words. Personally, I liked the idea of a feature to be able to look at someone whose post or response I found interesting and see what else they’d contributed to the whole. This feature is also good to look at a person’s overall responses and see if their general persona is to be an asshole, a comedian, an instigator or a really super cool contributor of consistent insight and information.

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That would take too much time, to try to figure out who I’ve added but hasn’t added me back. I don’t care if people don’t add me back, I usually do it as soon as I see someone added me, but sometimes I forget.
I like added people to my fluther, and I don’t care if it means they’ll see all my responses. I mean, google could do the same exact thing..this just makes it simplier.

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Adding someone to your fluther means adding them to the list of people who can see your collected responses. It’s one way: you add them, you give them access. You control it.

I don’t see any need for a change in etiquette. I will just think a little differently about whom I add, knowing that it opens up a full profile. Some comments about the concerns are in the Fluther blog. See especially Dog’s example.

I believe the plan was also to remove those comments from Google access.

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Ahhhh… that’s why I can’t see anyone’s questions at all. They have to be added to My Fluther in order to have that feature activated?

I did read the blog about this but somehow I missed that part of it

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So… since no one has really answered my post part of the question, I’ll ask again: do you want jellies to send you a private message saying they want to add you to their fluther before doing it?

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@hungryhungryhortence No. Because them adding me doesn’t mean they get to see all my answers. Me adding them means they can see my responses. People can add me if they want, and they now know that it means I can see all their answers.
To me, it sounds like like Facebook…when you add someone they then have the ability to see all your information. You choose who sees it.

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@casheroo: sorry I’m not getting the process, bear with me here. If I added you right now, you’d be able to see what posts I’ve found and responded to even if you didn’t add me in return or would we both have to be on each other’s fluther?

I’m retarded on facebook too

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@hungryhungryhortence Hmmm, that I’m unsure of. I think though that it’s just a one way street. Like, if I add you, you could see my responses. But you’d still have to add me, for me to see yours.
This all isn’t in effect right now though (I think, according to the blog) I think they’re going to fix it, them implement it.

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@casheroo: thanks, that’s the info’ I was after. I read the blog and still didn’t quite get it. Me, I like the feature so I can log in on the sly when at work and then see if my friends are on, if they’ve found some good older posts that don’t show up in the recent pages, stuff like that. I know it’s not a social site but fuck it, some of my friends and a few particular others I’ve observed find some good things I’d never catch or don’t follow up on.

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Where is that feature? I don’t even see it. I see “browse all of _______’s questions”, but I see nothing about browsing answers.

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@DrasticDreamer It was operational for just a couple of days, but people expressed concerns about privacy, so it was taken down and will return in a modified form.

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@Harp Ah ha! Thanks. :)

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I guess I don’t understand the concern about privacy. I used this feature on to find questions that my friends were participating in that I might have missed. Or, I used it to find questions in which someone who I liked to debate with was making an argument. In my mind, the whole point of this feature is to make sure no one misses anything good. It has nothing to do with privacy; anything you type can be seen by everyone already anyway.

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@Ivan Yeah, personally, I don’t really get the issue, either.

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@Ivan: that was a cool feature for the exact reasons you just stated

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Please look at the blog posts and the example that Dog presented.

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@Jeruba Have read it. I can do what he describes without that feature, easily. I will still don’t know who you are. I respect you and many on this site, and your feelings, but I have to say that none of your personas are revealed here. Only mine and mattbrowne, that I know of, and thats because we chose to expose that. You are all avatar personas and quite anonymous.

Is it because you don’t want people get the incentive to follow your opinions? The feature doesn’t matter much if it’s there or not for me, but if they want to step away from being a social community and towards pure QnA, a feature like that is wrong to begin with.

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I have a fluther, but I’ve never really used it. I don’t understand what people use them for. This new feature doesn’t make any difference to me.

Is it like researching people? What does it do to be able to see someone’s questions all in one place? Do you go through them one by one?

I have enough to do just trying to keep up with questions and discussions. I tend to fall behind on weekends, when I can’t fluther so much, and try to catch up during the week.

But I blather.

I’m still trying to figure out why, out of all the people who are not in CAK’s fluther and she is not in theirs, she had to pick me? No, don’t tell me. Some mysteries are meant to be mysteries. Just saying.

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