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Should doctors in South Africa go on strike?

Asked by walterallenhaxton (888points) May 29th, 2009

They make less than bus drivers at 800$ a month.

According to the agreement, bus drivers with more than three years’ experience were now earning R8 800 a month, compared to junior doctors, who earn R8 000 after six years of study.

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Doctors should never go on strike

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just refuse to treat the politicians who made this policy :D

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@hug_of_war They are getting ready to do it anyway. The alternative is to quit. Do you think that is better? I don’t know the whole story but I understand that the conditions are pretty bad there.

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@LKidKyle1985 Don’t treat the boss. I think that many have quit so far. It is the one of the ways that socialized medicine is run.

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Doctors were working up to 36-hour shifts without pay, operating theaters and trauma units were summarily shut down because of a lack of basic supplies and patients were routinely turned away because of a lack of ventilators, beds and medicine.

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look, they are there beacuse apparentally they want to be there, unless they were forced there, they like curing

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yeah if they did not want to help people I am sure they would have given up on the profession a long time ago. Its a bitch of a profession even in the states.

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in some neighborhoods this strike wouldn’t make a difference as there are no doctors

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@walterallenhaxton – are they unionized? For what it is worth: the teachers of Trinidad and Tobago went on strike some 35 years ago for the right to form their own union (the law only recognized the existing body, it’s a long story). They got their way. It is amazing how closing down the schools will paralyze a country. Professionals should always perform, no matter what: but you know, the most willing horse must be fed.

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@bea2345 I don’t know about if there is a Union. Things are such a mess there somebody might just say the hell with this and when others hear of it they might do the same. I will e-mail someone who will know much more. Maybe she will come here.

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