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Can you describe the most horrifying scene you can imagine (with yourself in it)?

Asked by wundayatta (58604points) May 29th, 2009

The kind of thing that you would rather put an ice pick through your head than be in. I.e., not necessarily blood and guts horror, but a scene that would leave you feeling as if you’d been totally gooed by some horribly slimy creature. (Like having to have lunch with George Bush, or something).

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me and this thing called period!
see it every month…

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Being chased and stung to death by bees.

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i’ll have to think on this one. but for the moment, anything like the movie “1408” ... that movie is almost like hell to me.
also, living with my ex-stepfather again. that probably is hell.

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You think having lunch with W is bad? How about going hunting with Cheney?

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whatching a scary movie (i F***n hate scary movies)

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When I open the fridge and see all my beer is gone.

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haha that was funny evolverevolve

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Me with Alzheimer’s being washed, dressed and tended to by other people while recognizing them only in little snippets and the rest of the time wondering who they are, where I am and how I got there. And adult diapers, that part would be freaky.

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Watching my sons heart break. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like to see something so awful like that, when he’s older.

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Coming upon one of my children being molested. I’d start out as a broken-hearted parent, and end up as a murderer.

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@augustlan I didn’t even want to think about that. I think I’d become murderous instantly.

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the worst thing that I can imagine would be having to watch either my partner or children be hurt, physically

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I was 15. I’m standing in my living room, doing homework My grandma is downstairs. Everyone is home; Mom, Stepdad, Sister and Brothers. They’re all there. My mom asks me to do something for her, and I say “okay.” I’m wondering to myself, why can’t you ask someone else? No one else is busy and I’m doing homework. She asks me again, I get up from my chair and say “okay” once more. She starts screaming. Why is she screaming? I don’t know. She comes at me, punches me and puts her hands around my neck. What is going on? What did I do? Everyone is there watching. Except for my grandma. I bang on the floor as I try to break loose. My grandma comes upstairs, and she starts screaming. My sister is speechless. My stepdad just stares, and my little brother is crying. He’s only 4, he yells at her “Let my sister go.” What do I do? She’s coming at me again, so I push, hard. I run out the door to my neighbors house. I knock and knock until they come, they call the cops, take pictures of the hand prints around my neck. We go to the police station. They talk to her first. She told them I started it. All I said was “okay”. How was that starting it? I was going to do what she asked and she snapped. I can’t believe my brothers saw that, and my sister. We go to leave, and she’s acting all nice. She always puts on a show. A few days later the cops show up. They take me away from her. She has to go to court to get me back, they put me with my aunt. She lies to the courts. My brother won’t talk, and neither will my sister, and the other is too young. They’re all scared. They don’t want to be in the middle The judge tells her “No corporal punishment”. She agrees, but she’s lying. I’m back at her house. Her and my stepdad blame it all on me, and now half my family won’t even look at me. And it’s only just begun.

I didn’t imagine that scene, it’s forever embedded in my memory.

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@chelseababyy I’m so sorry, sweetie. {hugs}

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@chelseababyy oh my god, that’s awful

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir It was. That was just the beginning like I said. But I’m not there anymore, I’ve learned to somewhat live with the memory of that, and my mother and I have a decent relationship. Since I left my life has been amazing, everything happens for a reason, and I’m not sure what that is, but I have faith that she’ll someday regret her decisions.

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@chelseababyy of course she’ll regret them
parents like ours will eventually the closer they are to death
but I don’t know if that makes me feel better

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir See, I’m not sure she will. And I know she will never admit it to me, because that would mean she would have to admit that to tons of people who have listened to her side and not mine, and who have shut me out of their lives. She has lied so much that she believes her lies and has convinced herself that she has done nothing.

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@chelseababyy I know it’s hard, it’s hard for me too, but we have to separate ourselves and live life

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@chelseababyy I think it takes a lot of courage to tell a story like that, and I really appreciate you doing that. I think you are giving a gift to all of us—those who have no idea such things can happen, and those who have been there, but have not spoken about it. Thank you, and good luck. You deserve better, as does everyone else who has to experience something like this.

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Been there, done that, no imagination required. I survived. I can now survive anything. Even eternity.
I found my first husband after committing suicide and a few years later my little brother followed in his footsteps.

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- Skydiving without a parachute
– Stranded on a life raft, alone, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean
– Being sent to prison for any reason whatsoever
– Having lunch with George Bush Jr. (thanks for that one, @daloon)
– Burned alive
– Drowning
– Having to spend time (any time at all) with my first wife
– Being fitted with a pair of concrete shoes and then being dropped into the East River in Jersey

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Being slowly, meticulously murdered.
Discovering that my offspring had molested or raped another person.
Accidentally killing another human being.

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Well, after @chelseababyy‘s remarks, I hate to even relay imagined horrors knowing how bad real ones can be, but I suppose someone has to, so I’ll move on, but not before saying, glad you survived to tell the tale and dreadfully sorry you had to go through it…my mother is only verbally abusive (which I know is far from unique). So, moving on…

Maggots. If I fell into a pit filled with maggots, my mind would snap and I would never be the same, I would never feel clean again. I understand why I’m pathologically afraid of them, it boils down to two incidents when I was a child. First, we had many cats when I was growing up, and my parents gave away a cat I loved to my next door neighbors who had a son my age. I was chatting with the other boy, I was maybe 9 or so, and he told me that the cat had been killed by a car, and told me that he had the body, and it was in a bucket being eaten by maggots. I didn’t know what maggots were, I had him describe them to me, and a 9 year old boy’s description of a big white worm looking thing that wriggles around and eats flesh sounded like something out of a horror movie. I declined the offer to “come take a look”.

Fast forward a couple years, I’m running behind my grandmother’s house with a couple of cousins who are I think 1 and 3 years older than me. My grandmother owned a huge parcel of land behind her house and had many old junker cars parked in that area which had not been touched in years, sometimes decades. My oldest cousin came across a nest of robin’s eggs inside the car and he was a real shithead, he decided to pick them up and start throwing them at me, because I was sensitive and wouldn’t like to see a Robin’s egg cracked in the first place, and I CERTAINLY wouldn’t want to be hit with one. But apparently this egg was not meant to survive, because the first one that hit me cracked open and exploded into a relatively small, but still horrific grouping of maggots. Fotunately none stuck to me, the egg cracked after bouncing off me and hitting the ground, but it was enough to make me petrified. And shortly thereafter, later that summer I believe, I saw the movie Poltergeist, and the ONLY thing in the whole movie that scared me as an 11 year old was not the haunting, not the taking of the child into the TV, not the seance, not even the caskets jumping out of the ground…but that scene where the steak slides across the counter and suddenly maggots pop out of it….THAT’s what gave me nightmares for a week.

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@chelseababyy between you and me, we could write a damn good book.

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Watching a house burn down with loved ones in it. It’s a nightmare I have sometimes.

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@daloon Thank you very much. I appreciate that very much. It’s a hard story to tell, but I feel like talking about it, telling people my story, makes it much easier to face every day. I’m glad I could bring something to the table. Something true, horrifying, and yet, so real.

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@Clair Maybe we should. I bet it’d be a best seller.

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Being stuck in a straight jacket watching everyone I care about being eaten by ants.

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Being hit on by Henry Kissenger.

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I think about my friend. She was kidnapped and raped for two days till she was able to escape. Actually, I know another story like that. Have been told what was done to them (makes me sick) and in both cases if they did not escape. They would not be here today. That just friggin haunts me. By the way, there is still a serial rapist loose in San Diego California. Amazing how these people can play the system.

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Scenario 1: watching the justice system fail yet again after someone has brutalized a child.

Scenario 2: seeing someone hurt my children, then having to clean massive amounts of blood off my hands after murdering the bastard myself, since I KNOW the justice system would fail yet again.

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Realizing that my son has lost control and hurt someone.

I really, really hope that never happens.

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@Darwin ; I can relate!

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This thread has made me realise that although I have nightmares about a lot of things I am not alone and that makes me feel better! I used to have a recurring nightmare that my family had been turned into porcelien manikins and had been placed on a conveyor belt I then had to watch as they all feel off the end and smashed into peices, I remember waking up with cold sweats, I was only about 7 or 8! The horrible thing was sometimes they appeared at the start again and I would get a huge feeling of relief for it then to be only dashed when I realised I would have to watch them be smashed again :(

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@chelseababyy i’m so sorry that happened, but i’m glad things are turning around for you. <3

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@tiffyandthewall Thank you much. They are. It’s hard to move past, but it’s starting to pay off!

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