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Music Trivia: Bands with self titled albums, with self titled songs?

Asked by forestGeek (9297points) May 29th, 2009

I was trying the other day, to think of bands that have put out self titled albums with a self titled song on that album. Below is all I can come up with off the top of my head, hopefully you all can help with others.

Bad Company
Black Sabbath
Minor Threat
Metal Church

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REM – Eponymous (1988)

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Great trivia question. I immediately thought of the first two on your list (I’m not familiar with the other two) and just can’t think of another example. I hope you have not put the idea out there…I will not be a happy camper if I am ever subjected to a song titled “Nickelback” on the album “Nickelback” by the band “Nickelback.”

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PS: Then again, if it falls under the “three strikes law” and permanently ends the madness it could be a blessing…wtf

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The Doors The Doors

Whoops. Does not fit.

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@tinyfaery…There isn’t a song “Doors” on that album, but there is “Back Door Man” so you are close! wtf

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Dance Hall Crashers

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Oh, and I almost forgot Iron Maiden

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Removed by me, because I can’t read.

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Chicago sang Chicago on one of their albums, and their albums are also titled Chicago followed by a Roman numeral.

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Only thing I can come up with is Living in a Box, the pop band who in 1987 had a one hit wonder with the single Living in a Box off their album Living in a Box. The next closest thing I can think is Jane’s Addiction’s first album also title Jane’s Addiction had a song called Jane Says, but doesn’t exactly fit. But as far as I’m concerned, Black Sabbath off the album Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath is the be all end all in this category anyway, so no one else should even bother trying!

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Okay, I know noone wanted to go here, but I wanted to contribute, and was reduced to this.


The Monkees

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@dalepetrie…...I couldn’t agree more. My friends and I were big fans of Black Sabbath from the start. I had high expectations for the follow-up, “Paranoid” one of my most eagerly anticipated albums of all time (it would become my favorite BS album). I had goose bumps the moment the needle hit the vinyl. As I frequently do on first listens, I had my eyes closed to avoid distraction and to “take it all in.” As the siren started to sound a few short notes into “War Pigs”, I remember thinking “WHOA…FUCK” this is going to be a wild ride. As the song ended (very long song, at that), I opened my eyes and looked around the room. Everyone had smirky smiles on their faces but not a word was said. Of course, we would all soon be bobbing our heads uncontrollably to the strong beat of the song “Paranoid” (my favorite BS song) then float along with the mystical sound of “Caravan” only to be smacked right in the face by the opening notes of Iron Man, etc.. What an impact that album had on everyone…it would mark the creation of heavy metal music and in my opinion, remains the greatest heavy metal album of all time. It was simple and it was raw. It simultaneously kicked you in the gut and grabbed your heart and to this day, still puts a smirky smile on my face (now wrinkled, however)
Go Lakers (83/67 end of 3rd qtr) JohnnyCeltic has sure been quiet lately

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Talk Talk. They were an 80s band, best known for the song “It’s My Life,” which was recently covered by Gwen Stefani. But they had an album and single called Talk Talk as well.

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I thought of Talk Talk, but I thought their album wasn’t eponymous. Wasn’t it called “The Party’s Over”?

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I don’t know if the single was on the same album, but there is an album of theirs just called Talk Talk.

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Green Day, Butthole Surfers, and They Might Be Giants all recorded songs that had the band’s name as the title, but none of the albums were self-titled.
As Meat Loaf once sang, Two out of three ain’t bad.

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@whatthefluther – unfortunately for me, Paranoid came out the year I was born, so I had no such experience, though my first exposure to Sabbath (other than on the radio) came via their We Sold Our Soul for Rock and Roll greatest hits album…and I remember thinking that even though I don’t usually care for greatest hits album, this one was more powerful than almost any regular album I could think of. But yes, their first two albums were absolutely perfect masterpieces. The one album I remember waiting for with great anticipation and being absolutely blown away by was Pantera’s 3rd album, Far Beyond Driven…only time in my life I went to a midnight album sale…listened to it 3 times that night. It’s always such a thrill when something you’ve been looking forward to is better than you could ever have imagined, probably because it so rarely happens.

and @AstroChuck – They Might Be Giants did have a self titled album as well, but the self titled song wasn’t on it.

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@dalepetrie- That’s what I meant (although I didn’t know if any of them did).

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Train had a hidden track called Train on there s/t CD.

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UPDATE: The just released album by Wilco is titled Wilco (the album) and contains the song Wilco (the song), as its first track. Add this one to the list. See ya….wtf
By the way, it is yet another masterpiece by Jeff Tweedy and the boys!

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Roger wilco.

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the used’s album is self titled.
it’s even more fun if you’re trying to order it pre-owned. “yes, i’d like a used the used’s the used?” they don’t have any self titled songs though. ):

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Hellyeah by the supergroup Hellyeah on the album Hellyeah in 2007!! (for all my metal fans out there!)

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Here’s one that fits (all 3) – Bo Diddly. Here’s one that is pretty close is; Stray Cat Strut

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Bo Diddley (close; Stray Cat Strut)

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