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Why does the iPhone battery die so fast? What can be done?

Asked by sailor (80points) May 29th, 2009

My mother’s iPhone loses battery very quickly! Maybe… 1 hr – 1 hr 30 mins. It just dies so fast. She’ll not touch it at all during that time and yet it will still die! She used to be able to not charge it for 3 days straight (she’s not a very heavy user) but now in an hour or so’s time it’ll drain so fast. It’s the first model that came out. Hopefully one of you can help me help her. Thanks in advance!

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They battery is just dieing. It needs to be replaced. It sucks but this is her best bet.

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depends on how old the phone is, how much is being stored on

She may not use that much but you have to remember it is still powering a large touch screen display, and that eats a lot of power. If the phone is older than the battery life will be even less.

best bet is to have a new battery put in.

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make sure she turns off all the aps. If she leaves a game or the internet open, even if the screen goes black it will suck up more juice. Also, make sure she turns the light off right away when she’s done using it instead of waiting fot it to turn off from just sitting.

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I know that turning off the vibrate helps a lot!

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While I also agree with @johnpowell that the battery likely needs replacement I have tricks I use to allow for longer battery life.

1. Set the auto sleep function to one minute.
2. Keep screen brightness down to as low as possible.
3. Turn off 3G network (it uses more energy than Edge)
4. Turn off audio/vibrate alerts for texts, keyboard, unlock, email and voicemail.

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@dog. It doesn’t support 3g. its a first gen.

Go with 1,2,4 of what dog said. :D

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For the record. I have a first generation iPot Touch that needs a new battery. It does the same thing. My battery is crappy now. But I will try to replace it myself. I have seen kits for $20 bucks.

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@johnpowell Freudian slip “iPot Touch”
he he he

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If you do what Dog says above, you will have no problems. Instead of the 3g…..turn off the function that serarces for networks to hook into and rely on Edge most of the time.

I had problems with my battery at first, then, I changed those settings and haven’t had a problem since. I also have the old version.

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I also have the First Gen (since the 1st day), and want to add that it helps to get your email manually rather than having it “pushed” as it comes in or “fetched” at regular intervals. I also turn off Bluetooth and WiFi when I’m not using them, and that makes a huge difference.

An hour-and-a-half is extraordinarily short, though. Is she still under the original 1-year warranty or did she get AppleCare to extend it to 2 years? If so, bring it in to see if it can be exchanged. Otherwise, tough it out until the Third Gen is released (soon, I hope!!)

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what you should’ve done was, right when you got, use it til it died COMPLETELY. then charged it. you have to do that with ipod touch too.
so it wont die fast xD
friend taught me, & it workss :)

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