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What vegetarian cooking do you do with a dutch oven?

Asked by sofia (148points) May 29th, 2009

I’m considering purchasing a dutch oven, but I don’t know if it’s worth the investment and the addition of another bulky thing in my kitchen. I know it’s great for braising and roasting meats, but I’m a vegetarian and have no idea what kinds of veggie dishes you can make with one.

What vegetarian dishes do you use your dutch oven to make?

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Stew! Dutch ovens equal stew to me. Veggie or meat based, you start ‘em on the stove and stick ‘em in the oven to finish. Delicious, delicious stew!

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Stuffed vegetables, casseroles, stews, pilafs.

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<< originally read this as: What kind of vegetarian cooking produces the best dutch oven?

Maybe I should ask that on the front page?

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I would think it would work well for tandoori.

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@robmandu I originally read it right but I still came in, hoping it was something along those lines.

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same as rob

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Agree with @robmandu… to me a dutch oven involves flatulence, a comforter and someone being subjected to the confined effects of both against their will.

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