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What shall we name the grandbaby?

Asked by susanc (16122points) May 29th, 2009

Born yesterday, 10 lb 1 oz, boy, dad’s and grampa’s name is Richard, other grampa’s name is David, uncles Joel Francis and Ian Patrick. Interesting but not silly would be nice.

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Micah Joel

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Ethan Richard.

And congratulations! Related to you, we suppose?

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name him Edward Teach then what ever your last name is.

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I like David Joel or Joel Richard (are those the only names they will choose from?)

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You could just give him all of those names. That would be interesting: Richard David Joel Francis Ian Patrick and then whatever the last name would be.

Edit: That does kinda borderline on the silly side though…

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Just totally leave the family, like nothing to do with the family, like Josh or something

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Kyle seems to be a popular name now days.

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i have a friend name Nathaniel

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Call him Robert. That way no one will be confused as to which person you mean and no one would ever think he is a girl.

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Ethan David. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

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@Jeruba, he’s my stepson’s baby.

@LKidKyle1985, how did you know my stepson likes pirates?

I really asked this question so you all would know he got born. Thanks for your kindness.
We’ll see. I kinda like “Micah”....

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haha @Shecky_Johnson haha thats funny

might as well call him Nacho Libre but remeber what @susanc said they have to be relistic

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@susanc: Congrats! Another little blessing to run into your arms!

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Richard III?
Richard Joel?
i agree with Jeruba
i like the name Ethan
Ethan Richard!

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One of my profs named his kid Lysander, as in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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Name the grandbaby rosalinda or nicole

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@Fresh: pssst, it’s a baby boy

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DeathClaw is a cool name

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haha DeathClaw!!!!!!!!!! haha

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@susanc Congratulations!! How exciting!! and how big a baby. Much love to all.

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@susanc Congratulations! I think DeathClaw is a cool name too. No one would mess with him on the playground, and he’d be a shoo-in for the WWF.

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Congrats, susan! Enjoy that new grandbaby, whatever his name turns out to be. :)

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Thanks to all of you, especially @Odysseus of course, and also a special thank you to
@Fresh, I passed on the idea of Rosalinda (which I love) but THEY DECIDED TO CALL HIM SAM.
I told you: pretty conservative….

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I always loved the idea of naming my kid with whatever first name his mother would like (in my case i’m lucky she wants to name our firstborn after me) and giving it (if a boy) the middle name “Danger”. That would be the coolest kid in school no matter what… he would get all the girls… alas my dream was shot down but it’s still alive in my head.

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@Dr_C, that is part of the fun of writing fiction. You get to play God with names. Another part is revenge.

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