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What's the most efficient way to show something you've posted on Craig's List?

Asked by figbash (7463points) May 29th, 2009

I’m selling a few things on Craig’s List right now, and I’m finding that flaky people are wasting my time. We’ll speak, they’ll tell me they’re coming by, I give them an address and time, and then they never call or show. I know you sorta buy the ticket, you take the ride with CL, but this keeps happening over and over and I don’t have the time for it. How should I change my approach, going forward? Only show it between specific hours on specific dates? What’s the best way you’ve done it so that it doesn’t wind up being a big time suck?

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Welcome to the world of sales. It sucks.

You need to realize that these flakes are your customers… so they’re gonna vacillate on ya. If you can, try to re-confirm the appointment with them < 24 hours in advance.

Else you might consider a different sales channel where you need not have direct interaction until after they’ve purchased. How about eBay?

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It happens. It really is part and parcel of dealing wth Craigslist.

It works both ways- there are lots of sellers who never bother re-contacting people who contact them, too.

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Thanks! I definitely get that this is how Craig’s List can be – I guess I’m just looking for suggestions on the most efficient way, organizationally, to organize the time – so if people flake, it’s minimal impact.

That’s why I was thinking of posting specific times so that I’m mitigating downtime, or not changing plans and rushing home for someone who never shows.

@robmandu: I sell smaller items, accessories, etc. on Ebay which works, but for the much larger items (furniture) or when I need fast cash, I need to keep it local.

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I’d try for only showing it between specific hours on specific dates.

I’m actually pleased about the flakiness of people on CL—I’ve gotten a couple good deals when I wasn’t the first person to contact the seller because the people who contacted the seller first never bothered to show up.

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