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What does it take for you to follow a stranger on twitter?

Asked by marcosthecuban (429points) May 29th, 2009 from iPhone

I’m thinking about posting interesting info and not just dear diary stuff… Btw u can follow me: marcosthecuban

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A pretty face.

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Interesting facts will definitely do it. Or if I’m friends with the person.

I feel a little like a creeper if I have actually met the person in real life and they don’t follow me back. haha.

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I follow people who tweet frequently, share interesting links or news, and often reply to their followers. They are often either actors, writers, or some other variety of celebrity. However, I will occasionally add someone who shares similar interests and exposes me to new music or the like. If you are looking to build up a good follower base, I’d recommend taking examples from the suggested users under “Find People”.

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just the internet

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There has to be someone im interested in such as a cool programmer or a writer. I also follow people from my city. We do a lot of tweetups in town so its something really common

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Some who provides good articles, makes everyday things interesting, and shares some kind of a hobby/interest.

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Just saying something interesting or in an interesting way.

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An interesting picture..interesting updates.

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i follow people from various software companies and service providers.
easy way to keep up to date

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The same as anywhere else, really great boobs and a cute ass. I ended up marrying my first obsession of that nature. :)

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Humor or something I’m actually interested in. I stay away from it. It’s more a matter of my care factor being extremely low for people I don’t know.

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@davestolte btw :)

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